How Emotion Plays Such a Large Part of Gaming

by on March 18, 2021

Playing Angry Can Diminish Performance at Casino Sites

We all know that friend who can’t lose and will get cross any time you play online. While emotion is fundamental to the experience of gaming, it can cross a line when it becomes aggressive, angry, and hostile. That much is clear, based on findings from research on angry gamers that has been commissioned by Top10Casinos.com.

Angry Gamer Study by Top 10 Casinos

Top10Casinos.com specialises in iGaming and has recently opted to publish the results of a recent research study by professional psychologists. In the research, angry gamers were accessed to quantify their levels of physical aggression, verbal aggression, anger, and hostility. More than a dozen video games were studied to show which ones had the angriest gamers.

According to the numbers, Candy Crush, Angry Birds, The Sims, and Mario Kart had the lowest levels of aggression. Conversely, Battlefield and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare were placed at the top of the table. In the case of Battlefield, gamers reached a 0.667 rating for verbal aggression. Comparatively, Battlefield edged Call of Duty: Modern Warfare for physical aggressions (0.572 vs. 0.571).

One of the strangest findings on the list was to see Animal Crossing in fourth place, just ahead of Grant Theft Auto Online, which is famed for letting players plan heists, shoot people, and steal cars at gunpoint. While rated higher for verbal aggression, Animal Crossing came in at 0.530 for physical aggression compared to 0.526 for GTA Online.

What also became apparent in the findings is that the mainstream gaming consoles of PlayStation and Xbox attract more aggressive gamers than any other type of device. Players who used PCs, smartphones, and Nintendo consoles to play games were much less aggressive, angry, and hostile, according to the statistics from Top 10 Casinos.

And anyone who thinks that aggression is reserved only for shooting games is overlooking the aggressive world of FIFA. According to the data, FIFA players yielded the third-highest scores for physical aggression (0.548) and verbal aggression (0.636). It certainly seems like some players struggle to keep their emotions in check after losing.

Stay Calm with a No Deposit Bonus

Xbox and PlayStation have large numbers of male players, who are proven to be more aggressive, though the same issues can translate to the iGaming industry. With money often on the line, it can be a high-pressure situation to wager at an online casino. Fortunately, the pressure can be relieved at a no deposit casino. Basically, for new US gamblers, a USA no deposit bonus can remove the risk of wagering with cash.

A no deposit bonus is a way of balancing out the risk of using your funds. Before depositing, you can look for an opportunity to play free with a bonus. Because the funds are complimentary, you can try new games that you might not usually play, or take the time to use a complicated new game, such as craps or keno. When ready, you can then reintroduce risk by playing with your money.

When seeking a no deposit bonus, there can be offers that provide the player with significant control over how they wager. This applies to the games they play and how much they elect to wager. In other cases, there can be no deposit offers that bestow free spins, which are often associated with set wagering values and limits over which slot games are playable.

Keeping a Level Head while Gambling

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows in which a character gets angry at a casino table or poker table and it only causes them to perform worse. When it comes to emotion, it feels satisfying to win when gambling. However, it’s vital to remain grounded as the thrill of winning is what can cloud the judgement of players who have a problem with gambling.

When gambling, emotion can be damaging to your strategy because it can cloud your decision-making process. After a tough shift at work or an argument with a love one, it’s understandable that a player could feel angry or frustrated. Therefore, the last thing that the person should do is log-in at their favourite casino site or online sportsbook and start betting. Quite simply, this is because you need a clear head and a calm mind to make the best possible decisions.

Gambling centres on odds and the only way to succeed in the long-term is to understand the odds for the game you play and ensure that your decisions are consistent in response to what’s happening. For example, there are cheat sheets that can inform players exactly how to respond in blackjack, based on their hand and the up-card of the dealer. There are odds to definite that scenario and the most successful players exhibit the same patterns of play.

Chasing Losses

According to Medical News Today, a gambler who is fuelled by emotion can chase losses when things aren’t going well. As the term suggests, chasing losses is a strategy tinged with desperation and aggressive decision-making. By rushing into decisions and placing bets without thought, strategic thinking is lost and the player can erode the resourced that they do still have.

Going back to the research study, it was found that the lowest levels of physical aggression and anger were found among the respondents who played for fewer than five hours per week. While it’s important to control emotions in a gaming session, it can also be helpful to manage the duration of your sessions and not overdo it.

With online casinos, there are measures to control your sessions. First of all, there are monetary controls that be assigned for deposits and losses. And, second of all, there are measures to implement reality checks that remind users of how long they’ve been playing. As a more serious option, the user can set a time limit for the session. This should benefit the residents of Newcastle, who exhibited the highest levels of physical aggression and anger in the study.