Heliborne will launch on Xbox consoles on June 16

by on June 2, 2021

Klabater has announced the launch of Heliborne – a military helicopters-based modern combat simulator – on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.  The game is available for pre-order now, with a full release on June 16, 2021.

The special edition of Heliborne for Microsoft consoles will include all previously published add-ons with special military camos. The game offers realistic visual quality and introduces significant improvements.  Enhancements include various helicopter models night versions of maps, a modernized network engine. The object physics in the game has also been updated and the interface has been refreshed. All these improvements will be included in the Xbox edition.

You can watch the Heliborne launch trailer here:

About Heliborne

Take on your opponents in faithfully recreated historical missions or compete in multiplayer mode against players from around the world. In Heliborne you’ll be able to fight alongside your friends in an exciting co-op mode. The game introduces the players to the thrilling world of propeller military aviation.  Experience sky-high battles with machines from different eras (from the 1950s to the present day).  Explore a wide range of maps and missions. Heliborne also offers a dynamic battlefield where the air forces support ground troops responsible for fortifying positions and creating supply lines.

  • Take control of the most famous Soviet and American combat helicopters.
  • Over 40 legendary helicopters from 1955 to 2003.
  • Over 100 weapon variants available.
  • Historical co-op missions.
  • 6 open maps including Gulf of Tonkin (Vietnam), Operation Nguyen Hue (Vietnam), Badakhshan Province (Afghanistan).
  • 3 game modes: single-player, co-op, and also competitive online up to 10 players.
  • Open sandbox maps.

Heliborne will launch on June 16.  The game will be available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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