Rainbow Six Extraction Sabotage Guide

by on January 19, 2022

The Sabotage objective is a particularly tough one in Rainbow Six Extraction, especially if you’re playing at higher difficulty levels. Unlike many objectives that require stealth or speed, Sabotage is combat-heavy and requires, above all, preparation and resolve.

If it comes up as the third mission in an Incursion, you’re going to have a particularly trying time with it. Bloaters and Breachers will destroy defences and walls very quickly, and you’ll need to be calling out enemies as you see them because they can come at you from every angle – even above.

Rainbow Six Extraction Guide

Rainbow Six Extraction Sabotage: what is it, how do I do it?

Like most objectives, Sabotage sounds fairly simple. You need to locate several Arch Spines within an area, plant explosive charges on them, and then defend the charges for 90 seconds from waves of Archaeans. The biggest issue with this objective is that your Operators are squishy, and so are the charges. If one of you goes down and one of the charges is left undefended, it can all be over quickly.

You’ll need to dig in, close as many doors as you can, and barricade entry points. These include breached walls and windows – and watch for skylights. You can’t seal them, and they’re perfect entry points for the enemy.

Rainbow Six Extraction Guide

Best Operators for the job?

Alibi is great for this. Her decoys draw the Archies away from the charges, and can buy you precious time. Tachanka‘s mounted LMG is also super useful for mowing down charging hordes. Ela is also very useful, as her GRZMOT stun grenades will disorient the enemy long enough to reposition or take them out.

Operators like Doc are less useful here as you’ll rarely have time to heal your teammates, but Finka is always a good shout for her Adrenaline Rush ability that can instantly heal and revive downed teammates.

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