THQ Nordic announce Spellforce: Conquest of Eo

by on June 12, 2022

The gaming news just won’t stop this week, as THQ Nordic announce Spellforce: Conquest of Eo. Fusing genres as the franchise is known for, this entry combines 4X, RPG and Hex combat to create one exciting looking game. Our own Mick Fraser had a blast with SpellForce 3 recently on PS5, and hopefully Conquest of Eo will be just at engaging.

“Time to whip out your spellbook and conjure some magic: Take a little bit of roleplaying, a sprinkle of turn-based strategy, add tactical hex grid combat, and mix in some 4X elements for a unique blend in SpellForce: Conquest of Eo, a turn-based strategy game based in the world of SpellForce and coming to PC soon™.

Make the journey from the humble beginnings of your old master’s small wizard tower and explore the lands of Eo in your quest for magical might in this ever-changing strategy role-playing game. Face off against competing factions and send your armies and heroes across the land to unearth secrets and mighty artifacts as you build up your knowledge and magic to become the most powerful mage of all time.

SpellForce: Conquest of Eo will be available for PC. The game will feature epic single-player adventures.

With procedurally generated campaigns, different mage classes and randomly picked opponents, it offers a high replayability value.”

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