Project Warlock special editions will be signed by John Romero

by on August 10, 2022

Romero Games (you know, featuring the Romero who created Doom) has partnered with Retrovibe and Buckshot Software to create a limited edition Big Box for Project Warlock.

This is the first Romero Games Big Box with a game made by another developer, and each box will be signed by John Romero and Project Warlock’s Jakub Cislo, with pre-orders available now via The Romero Shop for around $49.94

This newly released Project Warlock – Ihet Edition PC Big Box includes:

  • Individually numbered box
  • Personal signatures by John Romero and Jakub Cislo
  • Project Warlock swag bag
  • 4 GB Custom Buckshot USB with the game
  • Big, wall-friendly poster
  • 3 steel pins of Project Warlock’s Formidable Foes
  • 4 “Faces of Warlock” stickers

Project Warlock special editions will be signed by John Romero

There are 4 price tiers that correspond to box number ranges:

  • VIP Tier = Boxes 1-9
  • Top Tier = Boxes 10-49
  • Mid Tier = Boxes 50-99
  • Baseline Tier = Boxes 100+

We reviewed this one back in 2020, where Nicola Ardron said “Project Warlock is a real delight. It is impeccably put together, looks fantastic and feels great to play. It is most definitely derivative of the games that have clearly inspired it, and while I think the difficulty level at the beginning could be dialled down a little I have very little to criticise about it. Fans of retro FPS games will not be disappointed”.

Since its release in 2018, Project Warlock has gathered a loyal following on Steam, GOG, and consoles and is one of the games pioneering what is called the boomer shooter revival.

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