Desta: The Memories Between is coming to PC and Switch in April

by on January 31, 2023

Ustwo games (Monument Valley) has announced it’s previously Netflix-exclusive title Desta: The Memories Between is coming to PC and Switch on April 26th in the form of the Dream Team Edition.

This new version of the game will feature changes that aim to make it more “flexible”, says the developer, such as:

  • Shortcuts for story-focused gamers,
  • Challenge Mode for players wanting to take their tactics to the next level with a variety of surprising and unique challenges to overcome outside of the core game experience, and
  • Nightmare Mode, a first for ustwo games, is an ultra hardcore gameplay experience for those wanting to fully immerse themselves in the roguelike aspects of memories between.


Desta: The Memories Between is a character-driven tactics game which allows you to explore a beautiful, multi-dimensional dream world – all through a tactical and physics-based ball game. Led by ustwo games’ first non-binary protagonist, Desta – players will meet a variety of fully voiced and highly charismatic characters that are all part of Desta’s journey. As players throw each ball, more about Desta and their relationships to their friends and family are revealed – with plenty of mystery and big emotion waiting for you to explore.

The Dream Team Edition of Desta: The Memories Between also includes all the updates the game previously had, as well as a 52-page digital art book, and the game’s complete soundtrack.

“We’re really excited to bring Desta to new platforms. Even more players will be able to enjoy its story, gameplay and characters, falling even deeper into Desta’s dream with our Dream Team Edition. We’ve packed this bundle with so many new abilities, characters, game modes and more – I can’t wait for our community to get their hands on it in the coming weeks. Whether you are an experienced tactics player or this is your very first time trying one out, we believe Desta: The Memories Between (Dream Team Edition) has something for every type of player” said Lead Designer on Desta, Joel Beardshaw.”

Ustwo games is actually offering a community beta via its discord where some fans of the developer will get a chance to play the game early. Also announced today, the developer is “partnering with national charity UK Youth on a yearlong initiative to help young people and youth centres fight the cost of living throughout the year, providing financial support, awareness, mentorship, and more”.

Desta: The Memories Between is coming to PC and Switch on April 26th.