Homicidal All-Stars relaunching in May as Showgunners

by on March 13, 2023

The turn-based strategy game set on a dystopian reality TV show, Homicidal All-Stars is relaunching this May, and it’ll be called Showgunners, starting May 2nd on PC, via Steam and GOG.

Good Sheperd Entertainment and developer Artificer has confirmed this via the trailer (and info, below), while also announcing a demo that’s available right now.


Inspired by our favourite action movies of the 80’s, 90’s, and early 2000’s, This turn-based tactical game from Artificer and Good Shepherd Entertainment places you in a BRUTAL reality game show where the only thing greater than the stakes are the thrills!

Explore and survive arenas filled with environmental hazards, traps, and puzzles before facing off against psychopath mercenaries in dynamic tactical battles. Win over fans to win fame points that can unlock game-changing sponsorships. Earn experience and level your characters’ skill trees in the way that best suits your playstyle. Playing for an audience? Use the Twitch-integrated streaming mode that lets your chat change up the game on the fly, either helping or hindering your progress.

“This game began as a love letter to the outrageous sci-fi action movies of the 1980s, and we wanted a new title that truly honors its reality show roots while highlighting its fast-paced strategy and gameplay,” said Kacper Szymczak, CEO/Creative Director at Artificer. “So, welcome to Showgunners! We love our new name, we’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve put into the game, and we hope you’re as excited for its upcoming launch as we are”.

Here’s the key features, from the developer:

  • A Classic Revenge Story: Experience over-the-top, American Gladiators-style action and attitude inspired by sci-fi epics like RoboCop, Escape from New York and The Running Man.
  • Become a TV Legend: Defying death through skillful play will grow your fame and make you a star! Record confessionals, sign autographs for fans, and unlock sponsorship deals for bonus rewards to help you win the show.
  • Challenging Strategy Gameplay: Dive into a full single-player campaign featuring deep tactical combat mechanics that will test your skills across a variety of hand-crafted levels.
  • Create the Perfect Squad: Build your team from a range of classes with their own skill trees, and customize their loadouts with powerful weapons, implants and utilities. Level up your characters and discover new strategies to take on each episode’s uniquely devilish trials.
  • Survive the Future of Entertainment: Face off against fierce rivals outfitted with heavy weapons and cyborg augments, but watch out for surprise traps and twists from the show’s director, who’s more than willing to throw out the rules to boost ratings for his corporate overlords!

Showgunners is coming to PC on May 2nd.