Redfall preload is now available on PC and Xbox

by on April 27, 2023

It’s maybe a little later than expected, but the Redfall preload is now available for PC players using the Windows Store, as well as Xbox Series S|X users. While the original Redfall preload was the standard placeholder and took up merely 10mb of space, the game is now downloadable, so you can be ready to start the second it’s available on Tuesday, May 2nd, when it’s released on PC for Steam and Windows Store, as well as Xbox via Game Pass.

How big is the Redfall preload, then?

If you’re looking to use your Game Pass Ultimate subscription, the PC, or rather Windows Store version is a fairly hefty 95gb in size, or specifically, 94.3gb. On Xbox Series X the download is 86gb, plus the 10mb Vampire Hunter Pack, and the 10mb Bite Back Edition content. Interestingly, when actually downloading it on Series X, it says it’s 77.31gb, and not the 86gb the store says it is.

We previewed the game a while ago, where I called it a “serious game of the year contender”. You can check out our video preview, below:


In our preview, I said “There are so many questions I have about Redfall after playing it. I didn’t get a sense of scale for how big or long the game might be, I didn’t get chance to try co-op and see how well everything links up, and I only managed to try out Layla (and Jacob really does look awesome). But now I can firmly say I know what kind of game it is, and Arkane continues to be one of the developers in the industry that have my trust, and I’d be stunned if it didn’t end up being a serious game of the year contender. Is it May yet?”.

Redfall is coming to Xbox Series S|X and PC on May 2nd, 2023.

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