Warhaven gets a new cinematic trailer at Summer Games Fest

by on June 8, 2023

Warhaven has shown off its visuals via a new cinematic trailer featuring Tribal Blood‘s “Keep on Fighting”, and there’s in-game footage to see, too.

The trailer also shows off a small glimpse of Hush, a new character that wasn’t part of the Warhaven beta test in October 2022. There will also be a demo that fans can grab which will be available as part of Steam Next Fest, which runs from June 19th until June 26th.

If the cinematic trailer (below) isn’t enough for you, Warhaven will be getting an in-depth gameplay presentation during the Future Games Show on June 10th, and again during the PC Gaming Show on June 11th. So you’ll have plenty of chances to see how it looks in action this weekend, it seems.


Warhaven is a thrilling big-team PvP brawler that immerses players in epic 16 vs. 16 objective-based battles between two factions, the Alliance and the Mara, within the medieval fantasy world of Herarth. Engage in intense combat as you wield a variety of lethal weapons, including swords, spears, maces, shields, and the legendary magical might of the Immortals, to conquer your rivals. Prepare for visceral carnage in large-scale, squad-based clashes that will test your skills and teamwork.

Game Director Lee Eun-Seok said that “We were thrilled to see Warhaven during Summer Game Fest! We know there is an appetite for medieval-fantasy action in the PvP space and Warhaven is an answer to that. Throughout the summer we will share a number of videos with our audience highlighting different characters, large-scale battles and everything that sets Warhaven apart”, and added “We are excited to welcome players to the Early Access trial of Warhaven at Steam Next Fest starting June 19th, where they will be able to experience the wide range of combat possibilities the game can offer”.

Warhaven is coming to PC (via Steam).