Risk of Rain Returns introduces its newest survivor, Drifter

by on July 19, 2023

Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have today revealed the newest survivor coming to Risk of Rain Returns, Drifter, via Dev Thoughts 31.

Drifter is a resourceful brawler who got more than she bargained for when she stowed away on the ill-fated Contact Light – luckily she has some unique skills to not only handle the dangerous inhabitants of Petrichor V but she also has some powerful tools to empower herself and her fellow Survivors. Drifter generates Scrap by attacking enemies, once collected this Scrap can be converted into temporary items for the rest of her team.

In the Risk of Rain Returns Dev Thoughts 31 blog, plenty of details regarding Drifter help to give players an idea of what to expect, including her abilities Blunt Force, Cleanup, Suffocate, and Salvage.

Blunt Force is a 3 hit combo melee attack that hits enemies in a wide area – each successful hit generates lumps of Scrap which litter the floor near Drifter – gather these quickly to fuel your more powerful abilities.

Cleanup tosses out some of your Scrap as piercing projectiles in a short-range burst – imagine a trash powered shotgun that makes mincemeat of even the toughest enemies.

Suffocate fills your meter without having to collect Scrap from the environment – This large melee strike stuns and does 200% damage – any enemy below 20% health when attacked with Suffocate.

Salvage allows Drifter to generate 4 temporary items – these can then be collected by any player making her the survivor with the strongest support abilities in Risk of Rain. Have your teammates not been as fortunate as you when rolling the dice at chance shrines? Create some temporary items to share among your team before facing the tough challenges that await you.