Risk of Rain Returns devs release details on ‘Providence Trials’ and more

by on March 28, 2023

Gearbox Publishing and Hopoo Games have released details regarding their upcoming remake of Risk of Rain Returns, set to release later in the year.

In their latest ‘Dev Thoughts’ video (which you can watch below), Hopoo has shared information on ‘Providence Trials,’ and how it will introduce more ways to play and unlock alternative abilities for Survivors. On top of this, the Artificer will also be coming to the game, who was first introduced in Risk of Rain 2, retaining her diverse kit that’ll reward players who can rotate through skills quickly and effectively.

New to Risk of Rain Returns are the brand new Providence Trials – dozens of fun single player mini-game challenges each using a different Survivor with a different set of abilities, each on a custom stage. Some trials test your mobility skills, others your combat effectiveness and others your survivability, all skills that serve you well in Risk of Rain Returns. Many of the trials even unlock alternate abilities for the Survivors for use in the main game, along with some other secret unlockables…

There are over 40 different trials planned for release – today I’m going to showcase three of my personal favorites with you, starting with a mobility-focused trial for Loader.

Racing against the clock the goal of this Trial is to gain points by collecting as many coins as you possibly can scattered throughout the custom stage while avoiding attacks from Swifts and Mushrooms.

Players can read tons more information regarding Providence Trials via the official Dev Thoughts post on Steam, along with a recent fan art competition ran by the devs, which shows off some seriously talented artists, and a detailed breakdown of Providence Trials. Risk of Rain Returns can be wishlisted on Steam and Nintendo Switch now.

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