Game Pass August updates include Everspace 2, Celeste, Broforce Forever

by on August 2, 2023

The team at Xbox has announced the Game Pass August titles subscribers can download soon, and it’s not a bad month all told.

One of my favourite platformers in recent years is available right now in the form of Celeste, a game I scored 10/10 back in January 2018, saying “here’s something here for everyone, but make no mistake: this is a hard game. You will fail many times, but that’s kind of the point. Life is about picking ourselves up when we fall down, and it’s only when you are down when you truly learn the most about yourself”.

Coming on August 3rd is A Short Hike, which is described thusly: “Hike, climb, and soar through the peaceful mountainside landscapes of Hawk Peak Provincial Park. Follow the marked trails or explore the backcountry as you make your way to the summit. Along the way, meet other hikers, discover hidden treasures, and take in the world around you”.


August 8th, we’ve got Broforce Forever, an “action-packed side-scrolling run ‘n’ gun ode to freedom, putting you in control of an under-funded, over-powered paramilitary organization dealing exclusively in excessive force. Included is the long-awaited Broforce Forever content, which offers an improved and expanded campaign with new unlocks, along with six new ultra patriotic bros, and four new democracy-spreading challenge levels!”.

Limbo joins on August 9th, while Airborne Kingdom hits on August 10th, and is a “stunning airborne city building and management game. Grow your unique town among the clouds and fly it across a wide-open landscape. Explore the skies to restore serenity to the world below!”.

Everspace 2 is a biggie, and that’s coming to cloud and Xbox Series S|X on August 15th. We reviewed that on PC, saying “Everspace 2 is just a lot of fun. It presents you with a great big galaxy to unlock and explore, a ton of customisation options, a smorgasbord of activities to indulge in, or the option to just fly around and see what kind of mischief you can get into. Its move away from the Roguelite template hasn’t harmed it at all, and there’s so much here to get stuck into that you’ll lose hours just exploring and playing hero. An absolute blast”.


All the games are cloud, console, and PC, apart from Everspace 2, which is just cloud and Xbox Series S|X. So there’s plenty to be playing, as if there aren’t already enough games in August.