OutRage, a new multiplayer brawler, announced by Hardball

by on August 24, 2023

Brighton-based developer Hardball Games has announced its brand-new multiplayer beat-em-up brawler OutRage, due out next year. It’ll be firing into Early Access on PC first, then launching on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android.

Taking place in a near-future alternative reality, OutRage centres on an underground fighting competition that becomes a break-out success when a wellness product with unintended ‘Rage’ enhancing side effects, super-charges the action. OutRage street-fighters seek a competitive advantage with this product, using it to transform  into hulking superhuman giants through combat, giving them the tools to win big but putting targets on their backs in the process. 

OutRage will see up to 32 players battling it out in free-for-all battle royale-inspired modes, utilising destructable levels, vehicles, and street furniture to do damage. It features a Rage system whereby players gather Rage to grow bigger, hit harder, and throw bigger in short and chaotic sessions.

“At Hardball Games we love playing team-based games together but don’t always have the time to invest weeks or months mastering a new game. We wanted to create something that anyone could pick up and play with their friends but had a reward system and progression for players that wanted to put in the extra time,” said Jason Avent, Studio Head at Hardball Games. “So with OutRage we’ve been really creative in the ways we’re dialling up the fun and making the game accessible.”

Some of the game modes to feature in OutRage include Domination, where players compete to control different areas of the map; Survival, which is a series of three-minute battle royal rounds; Pain Points, a free-to-play mode where players battle for points and a high-scoring win; Crate Grab, a mode that brings in classic capture the flag elements; and Rage Bank, where built-up Rage can be deposited in banks to push their teams to victory.

You can watch the announcement trailer below: