Station to Station gets release date

by on August 24, 2023

PRISMATIKA and Galaxy Grove have announced the release date for their upcoming railroad sim Station to Station as October 3. Coming to PC, it has already received over 120,000 wishlists on Steam, and a demo that attracted over 70,000 players and put in 23,000 collective hours into playing it.

In Station to Station, players are tasked with transforming a small rural world into a vibrant, lush environment full of life and colour by placing stations and creating connections to foster growth and expansion. Aspiring conductors will hop on board and steam through a variety of colourful biomes, breathing new life into dry desert sands, and transforming untamed mountain terrain. As the tracks are laid down a tranquil world will spring to life with an ever-widening tapestry of flora and fauna!

To coincide with the release date announcement for Station to Station, a new trailer was released (which you can watch below) showcasing the new Wild West biome, one of the environments players will be able to explore at release. Some of the key features coming to the title include:

  • Immersive Dose of Relaxation: Players will have the opportunity to unwind and destress in a cosy & calming voxel-art environment, designed to soothe the senses with its soft aesthetics and relaxing, adaptive soundtrack.

  • Variety of Levels: A wide variety of levels will be available to play so strap in for the journey!

  • Adventure Through Biomes: Players will have the chance to visit new biomes, not yet been explored.

  • Wide Selection of Locomotives: The full selection of locomotive models will be available to ride the rails.

  • Optional Challenges: There’s optional objectives for those conductors seeking additional challenges.

  • Variety of Industries: Dive into five unique industry types, each offering its own unique buildings and resources.