Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia expansion coming next month

by on November 30, 2023

Phoenix Labs has today revealed that Fae Farm will be getting its first major content update, called Coasts of Croakia, on December 14. While there are no other details regarding what will feature in the update, the DLC ” invites new and returning players to a mysterious land full of new characters, quests, and an exciting new gameplay mechanic. Coasts of Croakia will be hopping into Fae Farm 14 December as a free content update for Nintendo Switch players and included in the Deluxe Edition on PC.”

We’ll definitely be diving back into the DLC, as we loved Fae Farm when it released earlier this year. In our review we said, “almost instantly, I fell in love with Azoria. The characters are friendly and inviting, the world is vibrant and beautifully crafted, and the pace is near perfect. There’s never any pressure to complete a quest or task, allowing you to play however and whenever you want depending on what you want to do. Fae Farm has a main questline that definitely helps you to learn the main mechanics, and in the first handful of chapters you’re introduced to various equipment and machinery that’ll help you to expand your farm and unlock various items.”

Summing up the game, we said, “Fae Farm is filled with wonder. The characters are lovely and welcoming, the grind is never a chore and you’re always busy doing something. Some early quests don’t explain how to craft a certain item as well as they could, but once you get to grips with the mechanics, the pacing is wonderful. Simply by playing and exploring, you’ll learn naturally how to play, providing one of the most satisfying experiences with a fun little story at its heart.”