Fae Farm: Coasts of Croakia, coming tomorrow

by on December 14, 2023

Phoenix Labs has today revealed the recently announced DLC for Fae Farm, Coasts of Croakia, is available from December 14. Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC from tomorrow, the first major content update is part of the Deluxe Edition on PC, but can also be purchased separately for $9.99 via Steam and the Epic Games Store. Players on Nintendo Switch can get it as part of a free content update.

Archi-pal-igo Park, the setting for Coasts of Croakia, is a magical place set on tropical rocky islands populated by wondrous adorable critters. Through the content update’s main questline, players gain access to a new upgradable tool, the Conch, which enables them to learn a variety of critter languages. Communicating with critters will let the player befriend them and get them to tag along on their  journeys. Beyond the cuteness overload, pet critters grant players a dozen different types of buffs to equip, allowing them to further customize their loadouts  depending on their current quest or activity. 

For those wondering how Coasts of Croakia fits in with the main game, players can start a brand new adventure to get stuck into the new content. Alternatively, if anyone has finished the main story, it can also be accessed afterwards as a standalone experience. There are also a bunch of improvements coming to Fae Farm as part of the update, such as new and unique dialogue, bigger house storage in player’s houses, more intuative interactions with farm animals, and several bug fixes.

Fae Farm was one of the nicest surprises of 2023, featuring a chilled out farming experience and an exciting world to explore. It was magical, fun to play, and filled with plenty of secrets to uncover. If you never got a chance to play it, now i a good a time as any to jump in, especially with the new Fae Farm update, Coasts of Croakia.