Homeworld 3 system requirements officially revealed

by on November 29, 2023

Gearbox Publishing and Blackbird Interactive have officially revealed the system requirements needed for their upcoming RTS Homeworld 3. The hotly anticipated sci-fi real-time strategy still doesn’t have an official release date, although we do know it’s coming in 2024.

Blackbird Interactive “continues its work to optimise the game to ensure the fidelity, scale and immersiveness of Homeworld 3’s gameplay can be experienced across a wide array of PCs,” and from what we’ve seen through trailers, Homeworld 3 is going to be something special. Players with the most up-to-date graphics cards will be able to experience it in 4K with every setting turned up, however, those with older components are still going to get the most out of the game.

An official blog post has been released which delves into the details about the system requirements for Homeworld 3, which you can read here.

Homeworld 3 system requirements image

Homeworld 3 also supports the latest graphics technology, including:

  • HDR & Ray Tracing: HDR and Ray Tracing, for soft shadows with contact hardening, can be enabled on compatible graphics cards.

  • AMD: AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution 2 will be supported for compatible AMD, NVIDIA and Intel graphics cards.

  • NVIDIA: NVIDIA DLSS3 and Frame Generation will be supported for compatible NVIDIA graphics cards.

  • Intel: Compatible with Intel ARC series of graphics cards.

While we haven’t been able to play a preview of the main campaign, we did get to spent a bit of time with the multiplayer aspect of Homeworld 3 called War Games. In our preview we said, “Although my time with it was short, Homeworld 3: War Games implements the familiar RTS roots of the series with the roguelike genre, and welcomes players to work together in tense and strategic encounters with ferocious enemies. From the moment your carrier arrives in the warzone to the moment you decide to jump into hyperspace, the combat is fluid and weighty, with multiple options to succeed. Mistakes will be made, but your teammates are right there with you, and when you’re in a match with your friends, I can see this being one of the best features Homeworld 3 will have at launch.”