Nintendo Indie World Showcase November 2023: all the trailers and announcements

by on November 14, 2023

As most of you will know, Nintendo recently put out one if it’s Nintendo Indie World Showcase events for November 2023, and lots was shown. We’ve put together the trailers and announcements in one handy place for you to watch, though if you prefer, you can just rewatch the entire show via this link.

The show kicked off with a look at two decades old game, in the form of Shantae Advance: Risky Revolution, with WayForward developing as usual. The game was developed for Game Boy Advance, and never finished. 20 years on, the team has finished the game, and it’s coming to Nintendo Switch in 2024.


Core Keeper then got a trailer. Procedurally generated biomes are the order of the day for this one, coming next Summer.


Next up was On Your Tail, check out the trailer below, and published by Humble Games.


Now it’s the turn of gorgeous looking title, Howl. A turn-based, tactical folk tale. Looks good, right? As is the norm, there are shadow drops during these shows, and Nintendo Indie World Showcase November 2023 is no exception. For this showcase, Nintendo announced Howl was released there and then, in the standard “available after the show” (that’s now, by the way). Oh and there’s a demo, too.


The next Indie at the Showcase was The Star Named Eos, from Silver Lining Studio.


Another “out now” release after that, and one we’ve been playing for about a week. Backpack Hero is on Steam too, but out now for Switch,.


Blade Chimera from Playism and Team Ladybug was next, and is another striking looking 2D action title. This one is coming Spring 2024.


A Highland Song was next, from developer Inkle, a game all about “exploring the mountains of Scotland”. December 5th, 2023 is the release date, with pre-orders available from today.


Moonstone Island from Raw Fury is also coming to Nintendo Switch. Craft, farm, and brew potions: this one is coming Spring 2024 as a timed console exclusive.


Death Trick: Double Blind was up next, from Misty Mountain Studio. A new detective game that mixes colourful art with complex and grounded stories. This is coming in 2024, but a demo is out now.


Long awaited on Switch, Nintendo next revealed Outer Wilds Archaeologist Edition. And guess what? Yep: not out today! December 7th for this one, with pre-orders now, and a physical version coming in 2024.


We then got a quick medley of other games.

Planet of Lana was confirmed for Spring 2024 on Switch, Enjoy the Diner is out today, with Heavenly Bodies coming in February 2024. Part of the montage, The Gecko Gods is Spring 2024, while Passpartout 2: The Lost Artist is another “out today” game.


Urban Myth Dissolusion Centre is 2024, as is Braid, Anniversary Edition (April 30th).


And there you have it… that’s a wrap!