Tin Hearts gets a new music video, covers “Toy Soldiers”

by on November 20, 2023

Wired Productions has announced that Tin Hearts has gotten a double A-Side musical release, and video to go along with it.

The song is a cover of the original 1989 track by Martika, and will be familiar to older people like myself. Aisha Vaughan is on vocal duty, and has paired up with Kieron Pepper who has added synths to the track, and it all comes together for the Black Razor Records release of the double A-Side.

Pepper explained: “After receiving the brief to make a haunting version of ‘Toy Soldiers’, I knew straight away I’d have to call Aisha – a good friend whose musical ability and incredible voice have been at the top of my collaboration wishlist for years. Her quick response, and the quality of the stems to work from, was outstanding and made the production and mixing process a total joy”.

Check out the music video, below:


Pepper added: “Alongside the request for the cover of Toy Soldiers, was another brief to write a song in the same style, which I wrote with Effie, an upcoming artist/singer/songwriter who I’ve been working with at the WaterBear College of Music. After the call she had most of the song all laid out with piano arrangement, lyrics and melody. I immediately built an arrangement around this with drums and extra programming and we recorded extra vocal layers; which was hastily mixed before we presented the ‘Tin Soldiers’ track to Wired Productions”.

Songwriter Effie, said “I hadn’t done anything like this before, apart from the writing process which is second nature to me, so I leapt at the chance to write in this way. I was given the theme and general vibes and just ran with it. I met up with Kieron and we worked restlessly over the next few days to produce this song with my original arrangement and voice. Handing it over to Aisha to bring her sound and performance was another unexpected twist, which added some more magic. I really love how ‘Tin Soldiers’ turned out”.

Pepper said: “To get the very best result for this original song, we made the decision to ask Aisha to recreate Tin Soldiers using the same ingredients, which she did in 24hrs. I found this process particularly satisfying. Once the music was placed in the trailer for Tin Hearts, this affirmed our suspicions that we had all been part of something rather special”.

Check out the songs on your chosen platform here.

Tin Hearts is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and Nintendo Switch.