Fight Crab 2 is coming to early access on PC in February 2024

by on December 4, 2023

Developer Calappa Games and Publisher Playism have confirmed that Fight Crab 2 is coming to PC via early access, early in 2024. Specifically, it’ll be on Steam on Tuesday, February 13th, 2024, but you can play a demo of it early.

The demo will be part of Steam Next Fest from February 5th to the 12th, and honestly, with a line like “Two crabs enter, one crab leaves”, I am pretty interested to see what this game turns out like.

Check out a trailer and the official description, below:


Indestructible crabs and armor-clad human gladiators join forces to create the ultimate combat sport, complete with live commentary broadcasting. Hop aboard crustaceans, clash claws against carapaces, and fight for the title of king crab across destructible arenas.

Outfit crustacean competitors with wacky dual-wield weapon loadouts – one for each claw, of course! Select more than 90 different crab-crushing armaments, from basic swords, shields and projectile cannons to beam sabers, boxing gloves, and yo-yos. Create completely customizable physics-based fighting styles, ride vehicles like motorcycles to speed towards the perfect position, and flip opponents belly-up to achieve victory.

Duke it out in desert landscapes, villages, atop ancient floating structures, and…on basketball courts! Each stage has its own battle-interrupting gimmick — knock enemies into moving trains, strategically dismount crabs during battle to reach hidden areas on foot, and throw level-specific items into reach for an edge in battle.

There will be a career mode where you “raise, nurture and level up a crab with a variety of upgradeable attributes like weight, toughness, grip strength, and agility”, and this includes forty (40!) passive and active skills. There’s online modes including casual and ranked, and you can even create private matches with custom house rules. Frankly, it sounds pretty fun and very different.

Fight Crab 2 will launch in Early Access on February 13, 2024 on Steam.