Guardians of Holme will exit early access this week

by on December 11, 2023

Developer MossTech Studio has announced that it’s tower defense roguelike title Guardians of Holme will exit early access on December 14th.

Guardians of Holme will retain its early access price as well (12.99 euros) and launch with a 20% discount during its first week of sale. The team has taken on feedback during the early access period and has made balance adjustments, while also adding new cards, “adding more variety to battles”, for the 1.0 edition.

Check out the 1.0 announcement trailer, and official word from the press release, below:


Guardians of Holme is a tower defense game with deckbuilding and roguelite elements. Players must use the terrain to their advantage and formulate defensive tactics by strategically placing powerful traps to repel endless waves of enemies. As the game progresses, players can acquire new trap cards, relics, and upgrade existing cards, enhancing their deck and enabling them to face more formidable enemies.

Throughout the entire Early Access phase, the development team at MossTech Studio has received valuable feedback from many players. While ensuring a weekly update with new content, they have also addressed bugs in the game and made adjustments to various details related to UI, controls, graphics, and more. Detailed information can be found in the update logs on Steam from previous releases. In this official 1.0 update, they are introducing a new character and more exciting content!

The third hero is also being added, and is called “Horus”. He is ” a companion to Seth, a high-ranking commander in the kingdom, he possesses a powerful deck focused on military units. Horus can summon mighty Valkyries and berserkers, utilizing the power of alchemy to decisively crush enemies”.

Here’s the list of key features for the game, too:

  • Monsters of varying types and powerful Bosses attack you from the air and the ground.
  • Tailor your tactics to changing terrain and enemy types.
  • Utilize different relics and build strategies to create the perfect deck.
  • Place totems, set traps, summon guards, and cast spells to repel endless waves of monsters.
  • Pause or speed up the game and implement the best tactics to overcome challenges.
  • Expand your strategies by gradually unlocking and upgrading hero abilities and new traps.
  • Each hero offers unique talents, abilities, and cards.
  • The difficulty continuously increases! Are you ready for a real nightmare?

Guardians of Holme is available from December 14th on PC, via Steam.