Ripout gets first content update, adds Payload missions

by on December 18, 2023

Developer Pet Project Games and publisher 3D Realms has announced the first content update for Ripout is here, adding a new mission type, Payload.

The new Payload missions for Ripout will require you to deliver “a critical payload through the mutant onslaught to receive your loot”, with new levels as well. There’s also a new sidearm called the Machine Pistol Sidearm, which the developer says should help you make short work of the enemies.

There’s more, but first up, check out the new trailer:


In RIPOUT, you’ll face off against mutant monstrosities transformed by Cell, a human-made biological weapon that has turned its sights on its creators, able to adapt their bodies in grotesque ways. Use your trusty biomechanical Pet Gun to gain a tactical advantage over your enemies by ripping weaponry off them while exploring procedurally generated derelict spaceships, collecting loot, and customizing your character to survive whatever dangers lurk around the corner.

Live today (December 18th), the new Ripout update also adds two new full suits, as well as a new Module called “Geist” which lets you go invisible. Sadly for you however, the enemies can gain invisibility as well. There have also been tutorial improvements, with the developer explaining “Tutorial, lobby and navigation updates make RIPOUT easier to tear into than ever before”.

Lastly there have been other updates on top of the new content, and Pet Project Games says that “the Payload Update brings with it more bug fixes and balance updates to the easy and hard difficulty modes”.

We haven’t had a chance to play the game since previewing it back in June, when Chris White said: “One of the coolest features is the organic appendage on your weapon that can be launched at enemies. Also, blowing off limbs and other body parts when shooting is something I liked. Exploring derelict ships together will be much more exciting with others as long as some of the problems at this stage are addressed. We’ll be sure to cover when the game’s released, and despite a handful of concerns at this stage, there’s still plenty to like, especially the way the guns feel to shoot”.

Ripout is available now on PC.