Artisan Studios announce new game Lost Hellden

by on February 8, 2024

Artisan Studios has today revealed a brand new IP called Lost Hellden, which is set to launch for PC and console in 2025. The game is being developed by illustrator of the Siren games and both Gravity Rush titles, Takeshi Oga, along with Final Fantasy XII composer, Hitoshi Sakimoto. To celebrate the announcement, Artisan has also released a trailer to showcase the world of Era and the adventure players will find themselves on when it releases next year.

Welcome to Era, where every life comes with a price
Every Eran is bound to one of the Seven Deadly Sins before their first birthday
All their lives, people fight against their urges
A place in the Sacred Land of Hellden is promised to their immortal souls if they succeed
But if they fail and succumb to their Sin
A fate worse than death awaits them…

The team behind Astria Ascending plan to release a demo of Lost Hellden later this year, and for those interested, they can sign up via the official website. It takes place in the world of Era, where citizens are forced to bond at birth with one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Not only do they start with having to do this, they must spend their lives trying to avoid the temptations of their sins or else they’ll turn into a monster. The two main characters, brothers Cyphel and Leht, attend an “ill-fated bonding ceremony” which leads them on a dangerous journey of self-discovery. The visuals looks wonderful, mixing 2D and 3D hand-drawn animation, and the combat features a highly strategic action battle system.

You can watch the announcement trailer for Lost Hellden below: