Biomorph will now launch in April, getting funding from Ubisoft

by on February 28, 2024

Developer Lucid Dream Studio recently pushed Biomorph back to an April 5th release date, and has now announced funding from Ubisoft to finish the game.

Ubisoft Radar is Ubisoft’s “first-ever investment fund dedicated to supporting independent game developers by identifying, financing, and giving a leg up to games created in Quebec”, and through this setup, the developer for Biomorph is getting end-of-development financing to help complete the game. It’s actually the second year on the trot the developer has been recognised by Ubisoft as the team says it “won the National Bank special prize during the Ubisoft Indie Series 2023”.

Dominique Champagne, at National Bank said: “Three years in and I’m still impressed by the creativity of [Biomorph], both visually and technically. What makes me even happier is to see applications that come with a structured business strategy, a realistic financial plan, and a concern for their human resources. Lucid Dreams had all of this, and the gender parity at the studio won us over”.


Biomorphis a captivating 2D Metroidvania adventure hand-drawn to perfection. Throughout the dark crusade, enemies aren’t simply just defeated. Their powers are absorbed enabling players to evolve into a formidable force. Each creature vanquished triggers transformation, granting new abilities for combat and exploration.

We recently had a chance to play an early build of the game, and liked it a lot. Lyle said: “Based on the build I played I reckon there’s a good chance that Biomorph could be the next must play MetroidVania game that I’m sure to recommend to anyone who’ll listen to me. The hook of transforming into loads of different creatures is just wonderful, and it contains so many of the best elements of other MetroidVanias alongside that. It’s been a long time since a demo got me this excited for a full release, so I’m glad I only have to wait until March to play more”.

Biomorph is coming to PC via Steam on April 5th. A demo is available now.