The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to PS5 later this month

by on March 13, 2024

Plot Twist has announced its fantasy Metroidvania action platformer The Last Case of Benedict Fox is coming to PS5 on March 26. Launching as the new Definitive Edition, it will include new content and updates off the back of feedback the developers received upon release on Xbox and PC last year.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox takes place in 1925 in the city of Boston. Players will find a story about searching for truth as they follow Benedict and his demon companion as they travel together solving puzzles looking for answers to questions from the past. Set in a fantastic world full of secret organizations, demons and magic, they’ll be faced with difficult choices as they set out to solve a thrilling mystery.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PS5 will feature new combat arenas where players can face off against different demons and other enemies; new quests and puzzles; overhauled combat and traversal; improved and adjusted animations; and more responsive combat. This is great news as the game was impressive on Xbox, although the main issues stemmed from some unresponsive controls, such as awkward jumping.

“The team at Plot Twist has been hard at work updating The Last Case of Benedict Fox to incorporate the feedback of our passionate community and better realize our original vision for the game,” said Paweł Czapla, CEO of Plot Twist. “Now, we’re ready to introduce this thrilling Metroidvania title to a whole new group of players on PS5, while bringing our community on Xbox and PC the updates they’ve been patiently waiting for.”

When we reviewed it last year we said “There’s plenty to like about The Last Case of Benedict Fox, with a strong story and a wonderful art style. Some of the puzzles are tough yet ultimately satisfying, and the risk and reward of knowing whether to drop your Ink into portals or push on keeps you on your toes. Combat feels unrewarding and repetitive, and sometimes the traversal can be unresponsive, but ultimately, Plot Twist has delivered an engaging adventure that draws you in from the start.”