The Last Case of Benedict Fox: Definitive Edition PS5 review

by on March 26, 2024
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March 26, 2024


When I reviewed the original almost a year ago, I was left pretty disappointed. Plot Twist built an engaging narrative set within a Lovecraftian horror, and I adored the art style and voice acting. However, the biggest let down was the unresponsive traversal, specifically when jumping platform to platform, which is a vital component of any fast-paced Metroidvania titles. Add the weak combat and overall, I struggled to keep playing because these issues continued to sour the potential it had. I’m so glad The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PS5 has fixed all of these problems because now, it’s an absolute blast.

If you aren’t aware of what The Last Case of Benedict Fox is, it tells the story of a detective called Benedict Fox who is bound to a demon. You start investigating the murder of a young couple and discover they had a child. What unfolds is a fantastic story, told through dramatic cutscenes and some superb voice acting. It was always one of the highlights of the game, but it now features so many important improvements that players aren’t going to feel held back in anyway. It isn’t just the controls that feel tighter and more responsive either, as the visuals see a big improvement.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PS5 looks incredible. The demonic and creepy world is so vibrant despite it being doused in the macabre. The purples and reds of the gruesome nightmare you find yourself in constantly changes, with a range of environments you discover. That discovery it what gives you the drive to keep going, and thanks to quick movement and jumping that feels much tighter now adds a pace that was missing before. When fighting, you’re not mistiming dodges or parries, and the quickness in fighting, especially when you unlock new abilities, feels fantastic, although it does still feel repetitive at times.

There are tons of intricate puzzles to solve, with many unlocking over time to fit with the Metroidvania style. Some of these can be hard to solve, but if you know where to look and give them a bit of time, you’ll feel like a proper detective yourself. There’s also a huge range in the types of conundrums you have to solve, too, and with the game’s previous issues feeling mostly solved, you don’t mind travelling through limbo and the real world finding the answers.

There are a range of enemies and bosses to fight, which all feel so interesting and engaging. I’ve talked about many of the aspects of it in my previous review, and while there have been some much-needed changes to the movement and traversal, it’s still the same great game. There are some new puzzles that flesh it out, and combat arenas give you an opportunity to fight a whole manner of enemies, making it the best version to play. While these additions are coming to Xbox and PC, it looks and plays wonderfully on PS5.

If you’ve ever fancied wandering down the rabbit hole of a noir mystery with supernatural elements, all told in an aesthetic akin to films like Coraline and Book of Life, this is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Puzzles are smart, gameplay is smooth and quick, and the story is gripping, exploring the relationship Benedict has with his demon, as well as telling an interesting murder story. The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PS5 is a must for those who love a good Metroidvania, and with so many positives going for it, it’s certainly one you’ll enjoy. It can be tough, but the more you play the more you unlock, making later challenges well worth playing.


Gorgeous world
Engaging story
Smart puzzles
Fluid and responsive movement and combat


Some puzzles are tough
Combat is still repetitive

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In Short

The Last Case of Benedict Fox on PS5 is a huge improvement on last year's release, with fluid and responsive combat being its best feature.