Golden Axe TV show commissioned by Comedy Central

by on April 17, 2024

Comedy Central has announced it has ordered a ten-episode run of Golden Axe, a new animated series based on the Sega series.

The cast includes the likes of Matthew Rhys, Danny Pudi, Lisa Gilroy, Liam McIntyre, and Carl Tart, explains Comedy Central, and is being produced by CBS Studios in associated with Original Film and Sony Pictures Television.

The synopsis so far, is: “In a hilarious and loving homage to Sega’s 1989 video game series, “Golden Axe” follows veteran warriors Ax Battler, Tyris Flare and Gilius Thunderhead as they once again battle to save Yuria from the evil giant Death Adder who just won’t seem to stay dead. Fortunately, this time they have the inexperienced and underprepared Hampton Squib on their side”.

Here’s the official casting information, from the press release:

Matthew Rhys (“The Americans,” “Perry Mason”) will play Gilius Thunderhead, a grumpy battle dwarf with exceptionally poor hygiene and a chip on his shoulder. Danny Pudi (“Mythic Quest,” “Community”) as Hampton Squib, a naive, inexperienced first time adventurer who has dreamt of questing his entire life. He hopes his can-do attitude can make up for his inability to actually do stuff. Lisa Gilroy (“Jury Duty,” “Interior Chinatown”) as Tyris Flare, a fearsome battle sorceress, deadly in a fight and even deadlier with her sharp wit.

Liam McIntyre (“Spartacus,” “The Flash”) as Ax Battler, a barbarian warrior with a strict code of honor and sweet golden retriever demeanor. His brawn outweighs his brains, but his heart outweighs his brawn. Carl Tart (“Grand Crew,” “Star Trek: Lower Decks”) as Chronos “Evil” Lait, originally from “Golden Axe III”, is a 100% badass humanoid panther. At least that’s how Chronos describes himself. In reality he’s uncomfortably cheesy and can’t read a room. Fans can anticipate plenty of exciting cameos from the world of Golden Axe.

So there you have it, a Golden Axe animated show is coming soon.