Mouse gets new gameplay trailer during Triple-I Initiative showcase

by on April 11, 2024

Set to launch in 2025, PlaySide Publishing and Fumi Games has released a new gameplay trailer for first-person shooter, Mouse.

The 1930s noir and cartoon inspired FPS was shown during the Triple-I Initiative showcase on April 10th, and showed off some new facets of the game we hadn’t seen before, like the helicopter (“reduces descent speed and facilitates extended aerial traversal”), PowerUp Spinach (“used to augment and enhance melee gameplay”), and grappling hook (“enables attachment to designated points for rapid movement and traversal).

Check out the trailer, below:


MOUSE boasts a unique visual style inspired by the charm of 1930s rubber hose animation, transporting players to a nostalgic era of early cartoons. Assume the role of a private detective navigating a noir city teeming with gangs, mobs, and characters from the dark side. Unravel a quest for justice in a noir city mired in chaos, corruption, and vibrant energy, utilizing a diverse arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and explosives to thwart the takeover by corrupt politicians. The game’s playful weaponry and distinctive health display, coupled with enemies behaving like cartoon characters, add a lighthearted twist to traditional FPS gameplay.

Unravel a quest for justice in a city mired in chaos and corruption. Utilize a diverse arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and explosives to thwart corrupt politicians’ takeover ambitions. The game’s playful weaponry, unique health display, and cartoon-inspired enemy behavior add a lighthearted twist to the FPS genre.

Mateusz Michalak, CEO of Fumi Games said: “MOUSE is incredibly important to all of us here at Fumi Games, and we’re committed to making sure that it lives up to all of the expectations. Our goal has always been to create a game that combines our passion for animation with our passion for first-person shooters. We are genuinely committed to collaborating closely with the MOUSE community to craft a game that truly resonates with players”, adding: “We’ll aim to share more details – whenever possible – as development progresses. Our partnership with PlaySide and our dedicated and talented team is working hard to bring you the finest grandboomer cartoon shooter ever created!”.

Mouse is coming to PC via Steam at some point in 2025.