Mouse will release in 2025

by on December 13, 2023

Fumi Games has today revealed that its intriguing and cartoon-style back and white shooter Mouse will release in 2025 for PC. Although no official date has been announced, it gives fans something to look forward to, as the fast-paced grandboomer shooter looks to blow people away with its unique look.

Mouse boasts a unique visual style inspired by the charm of 1930s rubber hose animation, transporting players to a nostalgic era of early cartoons. Assume the role of a private detective navigating a noir city teeming with gangs, mobs, and characters from the dark side. Unravel a quest for justice in a noir city mired in chaos, corruption, and vibrant energy, utilizing a diverse arsenal of weapons, power-ups, and explosives to thwart the takeover by corrupt politicians. The game’s playful weaponry and distinctive health display, coupled with enemies behaving like cartoon characters, add a light-hearted twist to traditional FPS gameplay.

Revealed earlier in the year, Mouse generated plenty of buzz due to its similar art style to 1930s classic cartoons, and much like Cuphead, it’s something seldom seen in the video game medium. It’s a gritty noir-fuelled FPS that has plenty of potential to be massive upon release, and more details regarding an actual date and other platforms will arrive in the new year.

“Mouse is incredibly important for us – so we want to make sure Mouse would live up to all of its expectations. We wanted to create a game that combines our love for animation and shooters. We are keen on collaborating closely with our community to craft a game that truly resonates with players,” said Mateusz Michalak, CEO of Fumi Games. “As development advances, we’ll unveil more details whenever possible. But in the meantime, know that our much dedicated and talented team is working hard to bring you the finest grandboomer cartoon shooter ever created.

A new trailer for Mouse has been released, and hopefully it will get fans excited for its 2025 arrival. You can watch it below: