City Transport Simulator: Tram coming to Early Access in June

by on May 29, 2024

Developer ViewApp and publisher Dovetail Games has announced City Transport Simulator: Tram is coming to early access on PC on June 20th.

It’ll be hitting early access on both Epic Games Store and on Steam on that date, too, where you’ll be able to “hop into the cab and explore a brand-new city”, says the publisher.

Check out a trailer for the game, below:


Players assume the role of a tram driver as they transport passengers to their destinations all around the city of Tramau, inspired by real-world cities found in southern Germany. Players will get set up in one of three true-to-life trams, each with their own unique cabs, interiors, modes, and functions. Players will then familiarise themselves with their favourite tram and start picking up and dropping off your passengers while sticking to timetables.

Unique to City Transport Simulator: Tram is the new career mode! The city’s tram network is in need of revival, and it’s the player’s responsibility to manage Tramau’s entire tram operation. After naming and customising their tram operation, they’ll start with limited resources and a single tram. As they progress, they’ll gradually expand their small tram operation into a city-spanning fully customisable tram network. By earning XP, players can add more trams to their fleet, customise and edit their own timetables, and strategically position tramlines to link up with their stations however they see fit!

As for why the game is coming to early access, the teams say: “Early Access provides us the opportunity to develop City Transport Simulator: Tram hand-in-hand with our community. This approach allows us to integrate real player feedback, ensuring that we create the most immersive and engaging tram simulation experience possible. Our team values player insights, and we believe this collaborative process will greatly enhance the game’s quality and playability.”

The aim is to have it leave early access later this year, but obviously that’s subject to change. The developer says “we will be using the Early Access window to improve the game – with new features and content, quality-of-life improvements, and changes based on your feedback. This will build a solid foundation to continuously develop on through Early Access.”

City Transport Simulator: Tram is coming to PC early access via Steam and Epic Games Store on June 20th.