The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is getting new content for Trivia Murder Party 2

by on May 29, 2024

Jackbox Games has announced new content has been added to Trivia Murder Party 2, which itself is part of The Jackbox Party Pack 6.

The developer says that over 150 new trivia questions (including final round prompts) have been added to the game, and the update will of course be free when it’s released tomorrow, May 30th, on PC via Steam. The sixth Party Pack was originally released in 2019, and will discounted from the 30th may by 45% (full price is usually £24.99), so if you’ve been waiting to pick it up, this might be the ideal time. Jackbox Party Pack 8 will also be 40$ off on the same date.


For those who are lucky enough to remain ignorant of its brutal history, the Trivia Murder Party 2 Murder Hotel has been the site of countless trivia questions, good times with friends, and ruthless murders and disappearances for the past four years. Despite the sheer volume of people who have gone missing, vacation goers keep returning to Trivia Murder Party 2, again and again.

Jackbox Games has been very busy of late, having just announced the Naughty Pack. We also recently spoke to them about the future for the series, but we also heard about “Poop Cake”, a game that never made it, explained below:

“Arnie had an idea for a game called Poop Cake and I think it kinda writes itself. Hope I don’t need to explain how the game works”, the studio told us, “I will say that the three of us here are probably amongst the most prolific game pitchers in the company. I think that we all have our own sort of thing. I definitely pitch a lot of the weirder ones, some of which make it in but a lot of which don’t.”

The Jackbox Party Pack 6 is out now for PC and consoles, the update will hit on May 30th, as will the discounted Steam price.