Histera launches into Early Access, roadmap announced

by on June 20, 2024

StickyLock Games has announced the release of fast-paced multiplayer shooter Histera into early access on PC via Steam. On top of that, a roadmap for the early access period has been revealed, showing what the team plans to bring to the game over time.

The developer explains that the free-to-play FPS is “Set in the far future within the walls of a new immersive entertainment experience, Histera lets two teams of 8 players battle to the death in thrilling combat arenas which can morph in real-time throughout a match, augmenting the battlefield with weapons and terrain from distinct eras in time including a prehistoric plateau, a war-torn 20th century city, and a futuristic metropolis.”

Check out the early access trailer, below:


As you can see from the image below, the early access release will include two game modes, eight weapons (with more soon), the progression system, more than fifty skins, and three eras.  Following that, there will be a new era in Q3 called “Peak of the Five Winds” which will include new weapons, and new skins. Then there’s Port Libertad in Q4, which again adds more new weapons and skins. Further beyond that, with a “to be announced” window, there are more game modes, glitch enhancers, achievements, more eras, weapons, and skins, and of course, the battle pass.

Histera roadmap

In case you’re wondering what “eras” are, it is exactly as it sounds. The idea in Histera is that you will be shifting between eras. The developer says via the Steam page: “Battle with weapons from the past, present and future as you compete to master the Glitch. The Glitch will change the battlefield around you shifting between Eras as the bullets fly! One moment you’ll be taking the high ground in a prehistoric valley, only for the ground to shift under your feet, transforming into a tightly packed WW2 warehouse or a gleaming high-tech city street… and more locations are coming.”

Here’s the key features from the latest press release:

  • The Glitch: Adjust your strategy to take advantage of the chaos caused by the Glitch. Master different terrains in the past, present and future, and push yourself to the limit as you rush to adapt and gain (or keep!) the advantage each time the Glitch occurs. The team that can best revamp their strategy to work within Histera’s unpredictable, time-distorting mosh pit will claim victory!
  • High replayability: With the Glitch mechanic transforming the map in the midst of the action, no two rounds of Histera will play out the same.
  • Mix it up: Battle through prehistoric caves, a WWII city under siege and the neon bathed streets of a dystopian metropolis wielding anything from spears to machine guns as time periods collide.
  • Choose your weapon: Use a wide variety of weapons to withstand the chaos wrought by the Glitch — will you stay in the shadows with a prehistoric hunting bow, or get up close with The Matchstick, a futuristic shotgun that can be loaded with incendiary rounds?
  • Versatile First-Person gameplay: Perfect for easygoing fans of the shooter genre looking for something different as well as hardcore gamers seeking their latest challenge.

Histera is coming to PC early access via Steam on July 20th.