Inferni: Hope & Fear gets new gameplay video and demo

by on June 9, 2024

Village Studio Games has revealed new gameplay for its upcoming deckbuilding battle royale Inferni: Hope & Fear at the PC Gaming Show. Not only is there a new gameplay video (which you can watch below), it was also announced there’s a playable demo available as part of Steam’s Next Fest between June 10 and 17. Players will be able to check out five playable classes in the demo, as well as online matchmaking.

Inferni: Hope & Fear has some cool features including:

  • Real-time combat as the match begins, players will be trapped in a hellish cage of magical mayhem; each spell they throw has a unique travel time and cast time, allowing the attacker to unleash chaos and the defender to counter or hijack incoming attacks.

  • Multiple player classes with different specialisations, from the damage-dealing glass cannon that is The Hunter to the traditional healer in the form of Panacea, or even the Leather Man that revels in pain and excels when his health is low.

  • Mid-Game Deckbuilding that allows players to adapt their decks in response to the strategies they’re facing, from going defensive against aggro players to building out a controlling deck against midrange builds.

  • Multiplayer combat that pits four teams of two against each other, as players scramble to prepare their defences and start dealing damage, allowing for emergent gameplay in the form of constant developments, surprises and unexpected strategies surfacing during games.

“We can’t wait to show our game to the world.” said Will Luton, Creative Director and Founder of Village Studio. “We wanted the game to feel strategic, fast paced and constantly changing, which is why we’ve gone for real-time combat in Inferni. It is also a love letter to games of our childhoods, and we hope players will feel right at home from the first moment they click play.”

You can watch the new gameplay trailer below: