Go-Go Town! getting new demo at Steam Next Fest

by on June 5, 2024
Prideful Sloth has announced that during June’s Steam Next Fest, their upcoming life sim Go-Go Town! will be getting a new demo. From June 9, players will be able to download the demo and explore plenty of features the finished game will offer, including the following:
  • New industry: Protein! Take on harvesting mushrooms or mastering the seafood converter in the Fishing Zone to expand the many recipes your venues will utilise!
  • All new recipes: Excite your tourists with brand new recipes and tantalising ingredients, including cheese, honey and butter! Flood your fries with cheese at the fast food joint and make the ultimate cheesy fries, or fry up new fish recipes at the Noodle Bar.
  • A NEW shop (and more to come!): Experience the delicacies of fish and chips with the new Fish & Chips shop! And get ready for more venues to arrive as the game progresses!
  • More tourists: From clowns and more, experience the whole world of tourism that your town will now attract. They now come with special requests: build, collect or pay – it all depends on their needs!
  • Experience the world around you: Swing beside your tourists on swings, sit with them at the table, and honk to get them out the way while you speed around the map in your vehicles (but don’t worry, you can still run them down if you wish!)
  • Updated map & build mode: A super charged building experience is available in the new demo, with all new elements you can see, more control with your placement and all new submenus
  • Highly requested community updates: Re-bind keys, un-hire couriers and experience controller rumble in the all new demo!

For a bit of fun, Prideful Sloth is going to be ramping up the intensity of the wildlife in the Go-Go Town! demo by implementing stretch goal rewards for players. For every 5,000 downloads during Steam Next Fest, the developers will add another level of intensity to the critter setting, ranging from Normal to Unimaginable, and all the way up to Cosmic.