Boulies Elite Gaming Chair review

by on April 19, 2023

If you’re someone who spends a serious amount of time in front of the screen, either streaming, creating content, or just playing for long sessions at a time, comfort is paramount. Any old desk chair might do you for a spell, but sooner or later you’re going to consider investing in a good quality chair. If you’re looking around for something high quality in the mid-price range, you could do much worse than the Boulie Elite gaming chair.

Boulies EliteWhether in black, white, or grey, it’ll set you back around £290 at the time of writing. It’s a good looking seat, too. One of the primary selling points is the material used. The Boulies Elite range combines two types of leather and suede “inspired by the upholstery of sports cars”. It allows the material to breathe, making it more malleable to your natural shape whilst maintaining its own. You can also opt for the same chair in water repellent fabric if you need it.

The level of quality is noticeable the moment you first sit down. The ergonomic design of the backrest follows the contours of your spine, while you can use the included cushions for extra support for the lower back and neck. The lumbar pillow is particularly comfortable, offering noticeable support during longer sessions at the desk.

It’s a highly adjustable chair, with full tilt controls and the option to recline. There’s no foot rest, so you won’t be sleeping in it (probably), but you can adjust the height, back tilt, and the 4D armrests to set it exactly how you want it to be. The armrests alone can be adjusted in eight different ways, which is as simple as squeezing a button and setting them.

Boulies Elite I’m a big guy, and there’s plenty of wiggle room for me when I’m gaming. It comfortably supports my weight, and moves smoothly on the coasters if I need it to. There’s enough bounce to it that even if you’re fidgeting, it moves with you. The Boulies Elite isn’t even the highest quality chair the company offers, either, and if you want to go a step further you might consider their Master Series or even the Ninja Pro Series. Of course, you’ll pay substantially more for either.

Out of the box the Elite took me around 40 minutes to assemble. The instructions are clear enough and everything you need is provided, with a few added extras in case you lose something. It was wrapped well, and arrived without a blemish. It’s pretty heavy though, and if you’re smaller than me you may find you need a little help getting it set up.

For such a large chair it’s very stylish. Everything from the cut of the leather to the stitching, from the shine of the metal finishing to the logo, shouts quality. Boulies pride themselves not just on making attractive chairs, or even durable chairs, but also on customer health and safety. The very design of the Boulies Elite is focused on making you as comfortable as possible while also protecting your spine and joints for long periods in the seat.

The Boulies Elite may not be the most expensive brand of office chair, but it’s not cheap either. Pushing £300, you can expect a level of care and craftsmanship and that’s exactly what you get here. If you’re a person who’s going to spend a lot of time at the desk for whatever reason, you’ll want to know your chair is going to support you and protect you, and the Boulies Elite gaming chair does that while also looking beautiful at the same time.


Ergonimcally designed for comfort
Looks beautiful
Very adjustable
Easy to set up


Quite large and heavy

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In Short

With a decent price tag, you expect a high level of care and craftsmanship from the Boulies Elite, and that’s exactly what you get.