Victrix Pro BFG Controller review

by on July 24, 2023
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The Victrix Pro BFG Controller for PlayStation 5 is the first officially licensed third-party controller for the console, and it’s also one of the best I’ve had the pleasure of using. It comes with extra buttons on the back of the controller that can be mapped to any of the inputs, removeable modules for specific genres and layouts like fighting games, adjustable pressure points for the triggers, and more. These features go a long way to customise exactly how you play across a multitude of titles, and it has a reliable battery life to boot.

One of the controllers coolest features is the ability to unscrew the sticks and buttons on the front to replace for a module that has the R1 and R2 buttons next to the X, Square, Triangle, and Circle buttons. For fighting fans, playing Street Fighter 6 with these in play makes a world of difference, allowing for much smoother and speedier combos to be inputted. There’s no lag whatsoever, and make for a fantastic gameplay experience when in a fight.

Victrix Pro BFG Controller review

Other spare parts that can be added are an alternative D-pad, and a taller analogue stick perfect for precision during FPS titles like Call of Duty, when you need a tighter aim. All of these changes can be done quickly thanks to the mini tool included. Whatever you need, and whatever style you prefer when playing, the Victrix Pro BFG Controller has you covered. While it feels a little light in your hands, it’s in no way a flimsy controller, and does everything you need in any given situation.

There’re so many customisation options that you can take advantage of, whether a casual gamer or someone that thrives in the esports scene. The Tournament Lock option gives players confidence that any buttons accidentally pressed like the options button won’t hit. I’m not one such player, but it’s a fantastic addition for those who are. There are also sliders in place that can fix the position of where the triggers are pressed, allowing the amount of pressure needed to press them has a wide range for players.

On the back of the controller, there are four customisable buttons that can be mapped to any standard inputs for an added layer of customisation, however, I didn’t tend to use them as I would press them accidentally at times. The grip on the handles feels good, and provides no-slip performance, and the general feel of it is great. It works well across PC and PlayStation 5, and for those who use a PlayStation 4, the Victrix Pro BFG works for them as well.

Victrix Pro BFG Controller review

It has the ability to play wireless as long as you insert the dongle into the console, and there’s a 3-metre long cable if you need to play wired. There’s no vibration or haptic feedback functionality, but it wasn’t an issue for me as I feel that’s still something developers are trying to get right, finding the balance between essential inclusion in a title and a novelty. It’s the customisation where it holds its own, and I’m more than impressed by what it offers.

The Victrix Pro BFG Controller is a fine addition to PlayStation, and has so many customisation options for a wide range of players and playstyles. The way it works with fighting titles is next level, and I never had any glitches or functionality issues. While the lack of vibration might put off casual gamers or PS5 fans, it’s all about how it feels to use, ergonomically designed to suit everyone, and the ease of use and set up make it one of the best third-party controllers on the market.


Plenty of customisation options
different modules are easy to switch out
Tournament Lock great for competitive play
Feels great


Back customisation buttons get in the way
No vibration or haptic feedback

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In Short

The Victrix Pro BFG is a great third-party controller, offering tons of customisation options for every type of gamer.