Battlefield 4 Confirmed

by on July 17, 2012

OFFICIAL-Battlefied-4-ConfirmedUPDATE: EA has today confirmed the news we brought you on Saturday. Battlefield 4 will launch in fall of 2013, players can get access to the beta by picking up the Limited Edition copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

An advert found on EA’s digital distribution service Origin, has given the first confirmation that Battlefield 4 is coming.

The ad offers Battlefield 4 beta access to players who  pre-order Medal of Honor: Warfighter, which is set to hit later this year.

In reality the existence of Battlefield 4 is no real shock, with EA seemingly looking to alternate each year between DICE’s franchise and Medal of Honor.

Battlefield 3 is still set to receive content all the way up to March 2013, so don’t go trading in your copy just yet in anticipation for the follow up.

EA and DICE have had great success with Battlefield 3, even recently the introduction of the game’s premium service saw 800,000 people sign-up in the first two weeks. Are you excited about the prospect of another Battlefield game?

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