New Cartridge Coming from Nintendo to Allow Wii U and 3DS to Link Together

by on January 4, 2013

New Cartridge Coming from Nintendo to Allow Wii U and 3DS to Link TogetherDo you remember the Super Boy for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System which allowed you to play your GameBoy and GameBoy Colour games on your SNES console through the television?

Or the GameBoy Advance Player for the Gamecube, which allowed you to link those two console together and use your GBA as an additional control pad? Well apparently Nintendo are at it again, this time with the Wii U and 3DS.

Treat it as a rumour only so far, but French Nintendo gaming website Nintendo Master have reported that the Japanese videogame giants are working on a new cartridge-based system that will enable gamers to link up their 3DS handheld system with their new Wii U. By using the Circle Pad Plus attachment to add a second analog stick, players will be able to use their 3DS as a fully-functioning Wii U Gamepad – complete with touch screen of course.

We must await official confirmation from Nintendo themselves, but they have always loved cross-platform integration, and this would be a cheap and easy way for many fans who already own a 3DS to get a second Wii U Gamepad – as Nintendo have previously spoken about adding support for more than one Gamepad in future titles.

The Cartridge is rumoured for release later this year.

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  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    It would make sense…but…also not make sense, because you already have the tablet controller in the “Gamepad” to play off-screen.

    Still, more connectivity is always welcome :-)

  • Lee Garbutt

    It does sound like a relatively inexpensive solution for more GamePads – Plus I imagine this solution would use less processing power due to the lower resolution of the 3DS screen, so it may even be possible for more than one 3DS to be used.

    I doubt it would be cartridge-based though. Surely Nintendo would just add this to the system firmware?

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    But if you’re producing Gamepads to sell seperately, for £100 no less, why would you shoot yourself in the foot like that?

    Not being funny, but would you want to play a HD Wii U game on the 3DS screen?

    I can honestly see this just being a translation error, or just not happening!

  • Lee Garbutt

    While I agree it would be crap for Off-TV enabled WIi U games, it would certainly be good for specially designed multiplayer eShop games, ala Zelda: Four Swords on the GameCube

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    True, but that’s an incredibly niche thing to design for!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6PVRCKCPLKG4TTDIKDX6ZCMBQI steinhauershawn

    There is a reason the Wii U came with it’s own built in 480P screen cause down sampling a 1080P Image to a 240P Image will very lossy jagged mess on the 3DS Low Res Screen. Even down sampling to the 480P Wii controller screen you still lose some quality. Nintendo will have make a 3DS XL with 480P screen and upscale 240P 3DS games to 480P to handle to connect to Wii U.