Microsoft IllumiRoom Projector Works With Next Generation Gaming Console

by on April 29, 2013

When your telly isn’t big enough, there’s IllumiRoom. Spotted by The Verge, a little thirty second video showcasing the tech has appeared online and details how it would interact with a “next-generation gaming console”:

“IllumiRoom envisions a next-generation gaming console with a projector that sits on your coffee table and surrounds your television with projected light. IllumiRoom can extend the gaming content out of the TV, creating a truly immersive experience. Or we can selectively show game elements, like explosions, or make it snow in our living room.”

Using Kinect to adapt to a room’s layout, IllumiRoom apparently changes visuals in real-time, reacting to what is happening on-screen. Basically, adding elements of the game on your walls and area surrounding the TV. This could possibly interact with older software too as Portal is mentioned in the video.

Will we see an IllumiRoom announcement on May 21? Maybe…

Update: Another, lengthier video showcasing the IllumiRoom has popped up online. You can take a look, below.

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  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    I can’t wait to watch porn with this thing.

  • http://GodisaGeek.com/ Adam Cook

    Did someone just hack my account. AHERN!!!

  • Colm Ahern

    OH.MY.GOD. Now, I’m interested.

  • Rotmm

    Roofle :D

  • http://twitter.com/Saint__Jonny Jonathan Lewis

    I actually think this looks awesome

  • http://www.godisageek.com/ Lee Garbutt

    It’s certainly an interesting idea – It sort of expands on something Phillips did a few years ago, where they had a system of lights around the periphery of the television, the idea being they would show similar colours to create ambient lighting that was customised to whatever was being shown on television.

    I love it when Microsoft come up with these random ideas, I wonder if it will make it as a commercial product.

  • Rotmm

    I can’t see it actually becoming a commercial product, the “home” specs are just too demanding. The key problem, according to the Eurogamer comment thread, is the coffee table requirement:

    “cukydoh – What if I don’t have a coffee table to put it on?”
    “Intifadah – I don’t even have a coffee table”
    “FarFromSane – it would have a cool effect but i don’t have a coffee table”
    “karlo87 – My coffee table is very unstable”
    “arremelle – As many have said, what if you dont have a coffee table?”
    “INSOMANiAC – I don’t have a coffee table far enough away”
    “Retroid – No coffee table”
    “spacedmonkeys – I don’t have a coffee table”
    “Pit-O-Matic – and I have no coffee table”
    “Afro_Matt – I hate the thought of an expensive projector accidentally being yanked off the coffee table because my dog trips over the cable”
    “ATARI – I don’t have a full sized coffee table in my house”
    “moroboshi – and besides, who has room for a coffee table these days?”

    It would be just like the terrible M$ to discriminate against those who have no coffee tables!