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About GodisaGeek: We at GodisaGeek have one mission: To bring you the best news, reviews, previews, videos and podcasts that we can, whilst keeping all our content to a high standard of quality. At heart, the site’s staff is made up of a diverse, passionate team with all manner of tastes. But the fundamental core is that we are all gamers, like you. If something is bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad, and when we love something, we want the enthusiasm to drip from the pages, to rub off on you: the readers/viewers/listeners.

Any press releases can be sent to, which is also the address you can reach the editorial team. We can work with any and all review or preview code, retail or debug. We can also cover titles on Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, as well as PS4 Pro.


Calvin Robinson, Founder and Executive Editor

Founder of the site, a PC gamer predominantly who loves shooters but also has more hours logged with Star Trek Online than anyone we’ve encountered. Also a YouTuber on Bros With Fros.

Adam Cook, Editor-at-Large

A six year veteran of the games industry, Adam has written as a freelancer for many publications (Stuff, GamesMaster, WayPoint, Kotaku, GamesTM, IB Times, Red Bull, The Telegraph – among many others), and is an adept video production editor. Secretly wants a quiet life and can’t be bothered with all the games industry drama. Acts as a consultant to the editorial team, while having a hand in most of the content you see here.

Chris White, Managing Editor

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A highly skilled writer able to to be reactive in a way few can manage. If you need a review written, Chris is the man to do it. A beast when it comes to turning around high quality copy in no time at all. Manages features and reviews content, as well as dealing with any staffing issues.

Greg Hill, Managing Editor

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Experienced with news editorial despite his youthful appearance (and actual youth), Greg is someone who should be in the 30 under 30 every year (even after he goes past 30, he’s that good). He didn’t write this because he’s actually too polite and nice to big himself up. Complete weeaboo, loves J-pop and JRPGs. Bring on the J-stuff! Greg can regularly be found preparing reviews for publication, as well as writing news.

Mikhail Madnani, News Editor

If there’s one person who can come close to beating Greg’s Japanese knowledge, it’s Mikhail. Who are we kidding? This guys lives and breathes JRPGs and those niche titles you didn’t know existed but now want to play.


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Dan Murphy
Nicola Ardron
David Hunter
Gary Bailey
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