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We at GodisaGeek have one mission: To bring you the best news, reviews, previews, videos and podcasts that we can, whilst keeping all our content to a high standard of quality. At heart, the site’s staff is made up of a diverse, passionate team with all manner of tastes. But the fundamental core is that we are all gamers, like you. If something is bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad, and when we love something, we want the enthusiasm to drip from the pages, to rub off on you, the readers.

Any press releases can be sent to, which is also the address you can reach the editorial team. We can work with any and all review or preview code, retail or debug.

Go Hardcore, or Go Home!

Introducing the GodisaGeek team…

 Calvin Robinson, Founder

The original founder and therefore longest standing member of Team GodisaGeek. Calvin is a PC loving FPS fan, who plays more MMORPGs than we believe actually exist. You’ll find Calvin occasionally on the podcast, and on his YouTube channel, Bros With Fros. Northerner at heart, believes Winter is Coming.


 Adam Cook, Editor-in-Chief

Oversees all content that hits the site. Believer that video games can be something more than throwaway entertainment, but also loves platformers, go figure. Just wants a quiet life, but is too full of rage to allow it to happen. Uses the one attractive photograph of himself that exists as a profile pic, so as to be able to stealth in and out of meetings in real life.


Mick Fraser, Guides Editor

“Loving father, inexhaustible gamer, occasional writer, sporadic editor, constant worrier, inconsistent lover.”

His words, not ours. We’d just call him a dynamite guy who’s not afraid to strip down to his boxers when the call comes. Reviews more games than most people eat hot dinners. The man, the myth, the legend, the Northerner.

Greg Hill, News Editor

Apparently, Greg like dogs (with sunglasses and cigarettes, according to his Twitter profile picture). But he also likes hardcore Japanese games, like Persona, Danganronpa, and the Souls series. Also likes metal, stuff like Marilyn Manson – you get the picture.


Colm Ahern, Video Production Editor

Insufferable Irishman who swears more than anyone ever in the world. Once called himself “the fattest person I’ve ever met”, and loves sports (find The Football Huddle podcast on iTunes). All jokes aside, a wonderfully talented motherfucker who knows his skills and never makes you feel bad for them. Handsome, too.

Lee Garbutt, Video Production Editor

Huge Nintendo fan, but also dabbled in all manner of RPGs. Runs YouTube channel “PugHoofGaming” (check it out, because Lee is lovely). One of the most positive people you’ll meet in the gaming industry (see our series “Reasons to be Cheerful”), and collector of Retro and animals (see his house, which has lots of animals in it).


Nick Gillham, Staff Writer

It’s about ethics in games journalism, you see. Nick is a talented man who is far too modest for his own good. Not yet blocked by Kamiya, he loves all manner of games, but for some reason (like a few of our staff, actually) can’t, or won’t stop playing Destiny. Oh and that picture isn’t him, either (it is).


Mikhail Madnani, Staff Writer

Part time app developer part time JRPG and indie game enthusiast, Mikhail Madnani spends far too much time listening to video game music on Vinyl like a true hipster from India. He also complains a lot.


Dan Murphy, Staff Writer

As the runt of the group, Dan is somewhat ‘uncultured’ in video games and has unfortunately missed out on so many of the classics you know and love. So much so that his two favourite games ever are Barnyard The Video Game and Jaws: Unleashed. Yeah, really. Despite that though, he’s still a massive lover of the medium and will give any game a go, well, along as it isn’t scary!


Chris White, Staff Writer

Destroyer of words, lover of Star Wars. Give Chris fifteen games to review and he’ll do it within a week. Legendary in his field; has excellent taste in music, and is generally an all round top guy. At no point was anyone paid to write these words.


Nicola Ardron, Staff Writer

We’d never accuse Nic of being the token female, because she’s fucking brutal at Halo and would kick our asses into kingdom come. Also love Minecraft and Star Wars, which suggests to us she has great taste in games. Believes (rightly) that Xbox LIVE is a better online platform than PSN, and won’t tell us her age – make of that what you will.


Richard Simpson, Staff Writer

Lives a double life, and another Destiny fan. Lies to himself that it’s better if you level up in the crucible, but secretly knows he’s addicted. Fan of RPGs, kind hearted soul. Don’t abuse his trust or Adam will come and kill you. We’re not joking. As with Nick, this picture isn’t Richard.

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