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We at GodisaGeek have one mission: To bring you the best news, reviews, previews, videos and podcasts that we can, whilst keeping all our content to a high standard of quality. At heart, the site’s staff is made up of a diverse, yet passionate team with all manner of tastes, but the fundamental core is that we are all gamers, like you. If something is bad, we’ll tell you it’s bad, and when we love something, we want the enthusiasm to drip from the pages, to rub off on you, the readers.

Any press releases can be sent to, which is also the address you can reach the editorial team. We can work with any and all review or preview code, retail or debug.

Go Hardcore, or Go Home!

Introducing the GodisaGeek team…

Calvin Robinson

Executive Editor

The longest standing member of the GodisaGeek team, a PC loving indie game fan. Plays more MMORPGs that we believe actually exist. You’ll also find Calvin on The Godcast. Northern at heart, but will deny it if pushed.

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Adam Cook


Oversees all content that hits the site, a console gamer who recognises PC games almost always look better. Host of The Godcast and believer that video games can be something more than throwaway entertainment.  Courter of anti-controversy, just wants a quiet life.

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Mick Fraser

Deputy Editor

Previously reviews editor, stepped up to deputy in 2014. Still oversees any reviews published, and still won’t hear a bad word about Dishonored. Father of many, strong man.

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Colm Ahern

Video Production Editor

Colm is a hilarious chap. So much so that we made him in charge of video production! He also is a massive Metal Gear fan, loves Wrestling and Football. He owns three PS Vitas, and is well on the way to getting his second Wii U.

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Ruk Cooray


Ruk does advertising operations / product development. When he’s not working on GodisaGeek, making sure things run smoothly, he’s a Walking Dead fan, and has good taste in food and drink. The Father Jack of the GodisaGeek team.

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Robin Parker

Senior Staff Writer

Robin is a huge fan of the point & click adventure game genre, as well as a keen retro specialist. One day his prince will come, bearing gifts of Shenmue 3, but until that day he’ll have to continue to wonder why it hasn’t happened, like so many others…

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Sean Smith

Senior Staff Writer

A fan of all things Japanese, but a bigger fan of fighting games. You’ll often find Sean giving it large about how great his Cammy or ‘Gief is, or playing the latest JRPG or Shoot ‘Em Up. That’s not to say he isn’t a fan of other genres, though. A technophobe at heart, he hates computers.

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James Bowden

Staff Writer

Passionate about SUDA 51 (but not in that way, we think), prefers BlazBlue to Street Fighter, and is never seen without a 3DS somewhere upon his person; James can often be found campaigning outside Capcom’s UK offices for a new Viewtiful Joe, or composing music in his spare time.

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Mike Stubbs

Staff Writer

Mike will play any game on any device, and detests the idea of a console war. When he’s not playing a mid-carry in DOTA 2 he can be found scoring a hat trick for UnbelievableJef on FIFA Pro Clubs, or failing that begging for more twitter followers.

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Dan Naylor

Staff Writer

RPG addict, he had to sell Skyrim as it interfered with his real life too much. At one point he dreamt of being the very best, like no one ever was, to catch them would have been his real test. But they kept introducing more of the buggers so he gave up. Dan is also a terrible winner at FIFA.

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Jonny Lewis

Staff Writer

Rejoining this after a hiatus, he’s left the PC master-race, and become a member of the console-clan. Now an Xbox One owner, he pretends he doesn’t long for the safety and power of his almighty PC.

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