Where do you keep your Ketchup?


When conducting an interview with the industry elites, we like to think we pose the important questions. Which is why, for the past four years or so, we’ve always ended an interview with a question that defines character, that truly shows what a person is all about…

Where do they keep their ketchup? In the fridge? Or in the cupboard?

Below is a list of the people we’ve asked, their responses, and a link to the interview we asked them in. There’s probably some missing here, and we’ll add more as we conduct more interviews.

The running total is: Fridge 23 – 13 Cupboard

Person, Who they Are | Ketchup | Link

Scott Mitchell, Ubisoft | Fridge | Interview.

Mark Warburton, TT Games | Cupboard | Interview.

Ben Ross, EA Sports | Fridge | Interview.

James Turner, GameFreak | Fridge | Interview.

Sam Barlow, Developer | Fridge | Interview.

Yoko Nishikawa, NIS America | Complicated | Interview

Jim Sterling, Jim Fucking Sterling | Fridge | Interview

John Hardin, Atlus USA | Fridge | Interview

Dominic Matthews, Ninja Theory | Cupboard | Interview

Tim Wileman, TT Games | Fridge | Interview

Hans Lo, NetherRealm Studios | Fridge | Interview

Nick Chester, Harmonix | Fridge | Interview

Akihiro Suzuki, Omega Force | Fridge | Interview

Ru Weerasuriya, Ready at Dawn | Cupboard | Interview

Brian Martel, Gearbox | Complicated | Interview

Richard Ogden | Complicated | Interview

Michiteru Okabe, Capcom | Fridge | Video

Matt Walker, Capcom | Doesn’t like Ketchup | Video

Jean-Maxime Moris, DONTNOD | Cupboard | Interview

Chris McQuinn, Drinkbox Studios | Cupboard | Podcast

Christian Fonnesbech, Cloud Chamber Director | Fridge | Interview

Marcel Khun, FIFA FUT Producer | Complicated | Interview

Ian Flood, Yacht Club Games | Fridge | Podcast

Eric Osborne, Bungie | Fridge | Interview

Michael Condrey, Sledgehammer Games | Complicated | Interview

John Edwards, Netherrealm Studios | Fridge | Interview

Phil Ring, TT Games | Cupboard | Interview

John Vignocci, Disney | Fridge | Interview

Dax Ginn, Rocksteady | Cupboard | Interview

Dan Pearce, Creator of 10 Second Ninja | Cupboard | Interview

Ricardo Bare, Lead Writer on Dishonored | Fridge | Interview

Darby McDevitt, Lead Writer on Assassin’s Creed IV | Neither | Interview

Mark Rubin, Infinity Ward EP | Fridge | Interview

Guillaume de Fondaumiere, Beyond: Two Souls EP | Complicated | Interview

Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director Turn 10 | Fridge | Interview

Tina Palacious, Community Manager Infinity Ward | Cupboard | Interview

Jeffrey Yohalem, Lead Writer at Ubisoft | Fridge | Interview

Simon Read, New Star Games | Cupboard | Interview

Jason Hughes, Producer at Adhesive Games | Cupboard | Interview

Stephen Yee, Producer at SEGA | Cupboard | Interview

James Wright, Producer at Square Enix | Fridge | Interview

David Nathanielsz, Producer at Vicarious Visions | Complicated | Interview

Lena Brenk, Associate Producer, 2K | Fridge | Interview

Simon Flesser, Simogo Games | Complicated | Interview

Glenn Gamble, TWD: Survival Instinct FX Artist | Fridge | Interview

Sebastian Reichert, Creative Producer Dead Island Riptide | Cupboard | Interview

John Mulkey, Aliens Colonial Marines Design Director | Fridge | Interview

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