E3 2009: Super Mario Galaxy 2 revealed

by on June 3, 2009

Well look who has returned to give us another slice of refreshingly unique gameplay. If it isn’t the fat red plumber himself come to lighten up your day. No doubt Princess Peach went missing somewhere along the way for some reason or another (seriously, someone should put a leash on the woman). But do we care? NOOOOOOOOO! Why? Because it gives us another chance to go zooming across the galaxy with Mario of course. We all loved the first game as it was one of the few games to use the Wii Remote and have it feel natural. So we all welcome his return here at GodisaGeek but this time he has brought a friend along for the ride……YOSHI! (and you thought it couldn’t get any better). From the footage, it seems we will get to ride the big green erm….dragon?! (who can honestly tell what he is) and use him to eat, chew and spit out baddies like the good old days. So here is the footage.

  • As of yet there is no official release date for the title

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