Call of Duty 4 hackers are rampant!

by on August 3, 2009

On Sunday the 2nd of August myself, Asim and Aaron decided to go online to play some COD4 on the 360, as you do of course and we came across something rather disturbing. We were playing as normal and I say the words “oh this game is clean, I haven’t come across an obvious cheat”, how wrong was I?!¬† Things continue as normal for a while when Asim gets shot and suggest the opponent was using a rapid burst controller. This leads to a discussion about how some people play with modded 360 pads which enable rapid burst making hand guns, sniper rifles and other burst guns such as the M16 fully automatic. We all agree that modding controllers is cheating and shouldn’t be done, we are gaming purists after all.

The frag session continues with a map change to Overgrown, I make my usual comment that Overgrown is annoying as it is a haven for snipers but still has a place in my heart as it was one of the maps included in the COD4 beta. About one minute in to the map Asim cries out over the headset informing us that he was shot by someone who was sitting inside a part of the map and that the killcam shows all this clearly. Asim cries out cheat but Aaron decides to plays Devil’s advocate and suggests the guy could have glitched in to the wall by mistake. Anyhow the match ends, the suspected glitcher leaves and we get on with the game.

Now today I noticed on Twitter that Infinity Ward had put something up about exploits in the game and how a patch is being worked on. A couple of hours later after I see Asim message me to play COD4 so I log on to my 360 and we get in to a game, straight away we see an enemy player “flying” around the map and he seems invincible. Sort of off-topic but wearing a gas mask his character reminds me a little of Psycho Mantis as he hovers around the map. This continues for a couple of maps until we (me and Asim) managed to get on the same team as the glitcher and film him cheating! This is the sort of thing that ruins the usually great experience of playing games over Xbox Live, both Microsoft and the developers themselves (not just Infinity Ward) need to teach these cheaters a lesson. Ban them I say! Anyway have a look at the video below which shows me following him around the map while he cheats.

The latest news is that a patch is being worked on right now and as soon as there are any updates we will let you know here at GodisaGeek.com