Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Still at Large

by on December 12, 2009

The Javelin glitch might have been patched yesterday but cheaters are still at large online with Modern Warfare 2. Ever been in a free-for-all game and wandered why within a minute or so someone has already unleashed a harrier strike or chopper gunner?! Well chances are you were in a room with a bunch of cheaters. It seems like these “gamers” (yeah right!) are entering free-for-all matches with friends, meeting up in secluded spots and letting their mates kill them constantly. Why are they doing this?! Well my answer would be because they are sad and bored people but the real reason is so they can use their killstreaks and gain a high amount of XP, ┬ámeaning they would level up very quickly.

I have been in games with these cheaters many times over the last few days and it is getting quite annoying, almost to the point where I don’t even feel like playing the game online anymore. I’m sure many of you guys and gals out there feel the same too. Myself and the rest of the God is a Geek team play Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live which is a service which we pay a yearly subscription so we really shouldn’t have to deal with people like this who are ruining the fun for everyone else. Come on Infinity Ward and Microsoft, we urge you both to do something about these cheaters. If you are still uncertain about what these cheaters are doing then check out the video after the jump in which I caught garyrangers (and his friends) in the act.