Modern Warfare 2 Cheaters Still at Large

by on December 12, 2009

The Javelin glitch might have been patched yesterday but cheaters are still at large online with Modern Warfare 2. Ever been in a free-for-all game and wandered why within a minute or so someone has already unleashed a harrier strike or chopper gunner?! Well chances are you were in a room with a bunch of cheaters. It seems like these “gamers” (yeah right!) are entering free-for-all matches with friends, meeting up in secluded spots and letting their mates kill them constantly. Why are they doing this?! Well my answer would be because they are sad and bored people but the real reason is so they can use their killstreaks and gain a high amount of XP,  meaning they would level up very quickly.

I have been in games with these cheaters many times over the last few days and it is getting quite annoying, almost to the point where I don’t even feel like playing the game online anymore. I’m sure many of you guys and gals out there feel the same too. Myself and the rest of the God is a Geek team play Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live which is a service which we pay a yearly subscription so we really shouldn’t have to deal with people like this who are ruining the fun for everyone else. Come on Infinity Ward and Microsoft, we urge you both to do something about these cheaters. If you are still uncertain about what these cheaters are doing then check out the video after the jump in which I caught garyrangers (and his friends) in the act.

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  • Squashman22

    I just dont like MW2 FULL STOP only fun thing to do is KNIFE

    I got pissed today and used M4A1 w/ gernade launcher and thumper, Ok so afghan got 2 kills with one launcher then 4 with another ok so 6 then used predator for 3 PAVE LOW, All within about a minute of a game. Tell me that isnt overpowered? finished 26 6 so meh but OVER POWERED CRAP GaME

  • badboyjd

    Ok I see your point about this 'cheat' but I think your wrong about the reason.
    Personally I am crap at this game but then again so are many others when you see their kills/death ratio, I have used this 'cheat' but only so I can experiance the NUKE killstreak reward, I have done it twice and I'm happy with my lot and so onto the game..

  • http://twitter.com/AsimTanvir Asim Tanvir

    Not being as good as others at something (whether it be a game or not) doesn't make it ok to cheat. You don't see the lesser teams in real world sports cheating just to “experience” winning, they do it through hard work and practice. People who do this are cheating, plain and simple. They are also ruining the online experience for honest players.

  • joe king

    lol xbox sucks :D

  • mrnorthernman

    I've literally stopped playing it due to all the cheating, the only time i play it now is when friends come round. I'm just sick of all the cheating, i've taken to playing U2 again and loving it.

  • LordCancer

    Yup I run into this quite often…. it is really sad and really frustrating that they abuse the game at other players expense. The worst was one match where 4 people were in on the exploit, I came around a corner to find one guy knifing 3 of his buddies and blasted them. I called them out for being cheaters and since I ruined there chance at the nuke they were not to happy and spent the match calling me all sorts of expletives. I now have communications set to friends only. I'm no longer willing to hear the voices of assholes.

  • http://twitter.com/AryelAbrahami Aryel Abrahami

    I tend to stick to mercanary team death match as it is my fav game type and I am yet to see any exploits.

  • Bingo83

    I have experienced this in quite a few games recently. I report them and then go Booster Hunting with an RPG, its the ideal weapon to take out two players and their tactical insertion at the same time. It also helps me get the 2 kills with one RPG XP racked up legitimately :)

    I suggest you do the same.

  • arnski

    I also am totally fed up with idiots who insist on re spawning via tactical insertion, they are completely ruining the game. I too am on the verge of never playing it again, it has totally ruined the new game, infinity ward better sort something soon as the game online is becoming a joke. gamertag-arnski.

  • Nakamura

    You guys all realise that this is just a game!!!!!!!! its not actually real life! Get A Grip
    you people are making out as if this game is life and death. Get a life

  • Nakamura

    Its just a game you can just leave the game if they cheat??

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  • Mat

    just get rid of tactical insertion it is only used for cheating and camping which annoy the crap out 99% of real gamers. I don't see why these people just don't make private matches and do their little game in private then go to the public games when leveled up it's still cheating but at least it doesn't affect others, your rank only affects your unlocks who cares if they get guns that everyone else probably already has anyway.

  • Tripitacha

    Put it this way, I have a busy life. When I make myself a rare half hour window to get in some well deserved CoD, I don’t want to waste it on a game full of cheaters.

  • Tripitacha

    Put it this way, I have a busy life. When I make myself a rare half hour window to get in some well deserved CoD, I don’t want to waste it on a game full of cheaters.

  • Tripitacha

    Put it this way, I have a busy life. When I make myself a rare half hour window to get in some well deserved CoD, I don’t want to waste it on a game full of cheaters.