Fable III announced

by on August 19, 2009
This could be you in Fable III.

This could be you in Fable III.

Earlier today at GamesCom Mr Peter Molyneux himself officially announced the existence of Fable III. As expected he also revealed some details about the game too. In Fable III you won’t play as the “hero” as such, instead you will eventually become the ruler of Albion. You will start out as a son/daughter of an Albion hero and in time (with help, of course) you will rise up against an evil tyrant King, in hope of “freeing” Albion. Once you become King/Queen of Albion it will be down to you how things in your kingdom are done, you will have to make some tough choices to make along the way. Each decision you make not only effects you but the whole of Albion aswell.

Just like in Fable II you can be as good or bad as you want to be but once again you will have keep in mind every action has a resulting reaction however small it might be. Want to expand your castle? Sure but the money used for the expansion will be take directly from the pockets of your citizens. Will you be a good leader and keep your promises? Will you be a Genghis Khan? Joan of Arc? Maybe even a Barrack Obama?!

Fable III will also feature a new game mechanic called “touch”. This mechanic will be similar to the one seen in Fable II, the one where you pressed certain buttons to make gestures or just dance like a maniac. The difference here is that it will be all based around “touch” meaning you can shake hands, hug and even have a passionate snog. There will also be “dynamic touch”, this will be based upon the scenario and the person you are with. According to Molyneux this “dynamic touch” mechanic will be require more than just pressing a button, it will be slightly more complexed than that. Hmm, maybe it will use Natal?!

Fable II was certainly one of the best games to be released on the 360 and I enjoyed playing it. It was one of those games where you can tell alot of hard work and care has gone into making the world (and the people in it) as believable as possible. For the most part, Peter Molynuex and his team at Lionhead succeeded in doing that. It seems like with Fable III they taken what they built with Fable II and expanded on it which I imagine is no mean feat. I can only imagine how enjoyable it will be to become ruler of Albion and see the effect my decisions/choices have on the land. One question though, will the dog be making a return?! 😉

Check out the teaser trailer and let us know what you think of Fable III.

Fable III is due to be released exclusively for the Xbox 360 sometime in 2010.