New Fable III DLC Detailed and Dated

by on February 28, 2011

Following up from the previously-released Understone DLC pack, Lionhead have unveiled a new wave of Fable III downloadable content, which is entitled Traitor’s Keep. This add-on will be released on Xbox Live this week. This DLC package will include three new playable areas and several quests to undertake within each of them. These new areas are: Ravenscar Keep, The Godwin Estate and the new Steam-Punk style Mad-Scientists Nightmare version of Bowerstone – Clockwork Island. After an assassination attempt, players will be tasked with “taking on new quests and encountering a mysterious prisoner”. As part of the overall experience, players will also have the opportunity to earn an additional 250 points worth of achievements.

The team at Lionhead and Microsoft Games Studios have also confirmed that the PC version will finally see release on17th May in North America and 19th May in Europe. The release has been subject to repeated delays, but will offer 3D PC gaming and a hardcore difficulty not previously available in the Xbox 360 release. And in addition to that, the Fable Coin Golf mobile game for Windows Phone 7 also arrives sometime in March.  As was the case with the Xbox LIVE Arcade release, Fable II Pub Games, Coin Golf “draws upon the wealth of traditional British pub games and lets you transfer gold earned in the game to your Fable III game on either Xbox 360 or Windows.” And the game will also allow gamers to unlock three exclusive weapons, which they can then go on to use in the new Traitor’s Keep DLC.

Traitor’s Keep will be available on Xbox LIVE from 1st March and will cost 560 Microsoft Points.