Goat Simulator 3 gets first DLC, ‘Multiverse of Nonsense’ this June

by on June 8, 2024

Coffee Stain Publishing and Coffee Stain North have announced the very first DLC for Goat Simulator 3 at the Future Games Show. The ‘Multiverse of Nonsense’ will be launching on June 19, and takes players to a brand new world within the goatest universe of all time, as well as finally introducing the Capybara skin!

Multiverse of Nonsense takes place in an entirely new world for players to explore – from a cartoon town, to a metropolis where goats are humans and humans are goats, and a mythological mountaintop city where we’re sure no other games have ever thought to make their setting, ever. While there’ll be plenty of time to explore this huge new sandbox, the DLC will also take players through a linear story in which they’ll need to collect a series of gems by visiting a variety of locations through Multiverse rifts, never quite knowing where they’ll end up…

The Goat Simulator 3 DLC will also introduce plenty of new gear for Pilgor, as well as an in-game crossover with another Coffee Stain-published title, and the usual nods to a whole manner of franchises the series is known for.

“We know what you’re thinking – Multiverse? No one has been bold enough to explore such a complex theme with goats just yet,” said Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North. “But that’s what we do at Coffee Stain North. We push the boundaries of next generation goat simulation technology, and we can’t wait for our players to explore some of the most exciting content we’ve worked on since Goat Simulator 3 itself.”

We really enjoyed our time with Goat Simulator 3 when it released in 2022 and said “While Goat Simulator 3 isn’t going to win any awards, it provided me with hours of fun. I’ll never forget some of the crazy shit I did while travelling across a world filled with pop culture references and inventive missions, and I’ll never grow tired of headbutting hippies, police officers, and office workers, or throwing them off the tops of buildings. If you’re looking for a game that is guaranteed to make you laugh and offer hours of unrelenting enjoyment, I can’t recommend this enough.”