Goat Simulator 3 coming to Steam next year

by on November 17, 2023

Coffee Stain Publishing and Coffee Stain North have today revealed that Goat Simulator 3 is coming to Steam in 2024. The release will feature the original game as well as every piece of post-launch content that’s been released so far, such as new goats, gear, missions, secrets, and more. It will also include future content, which there will be “plenty more incoming.”

Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North said: “We’re really excited to be able to bring Goat Simulator 3 to more players on PC so everyone can experience the most GOAT-ed way of life,” said Santiago Ferrero, Creative Director at Coffee Stain North. “While this might not be the type of ‘Steam-y’ goat content everyone wanted, it is the ‘Steam-y’ content that most of you wanted… We don’t talk about those first people.”

The key features of Goat Simulator 3 include:

  • GOATS: You play as a goat! Pilgor, to be exact. However, you’ll also have the chance to wear the skins of many other ‘goats’. Tall goats, tasty goats, angry goats – all the goats you expect, and more.

  • MULTIPLAYER: Goat Simulator 3 has 4 player co-op, locally or online. You’ll be able to travel through the world together, cause cooperative mischief aplenty, compete in 7 fun multiplayer mini-games, and then not be friends anymore.

  • EXPLORATION: Goat Simulator 3’s giant sandbox world has plenty to discover – hidden secrets, quests, collectables and more! Use your own four hooves to get around, grind on your butt, or buckle up for the ride of your life as all goats can drive cars.

  • CHAOS AND REACTIVITY: Cause all manner of mayhem as you lick, headbutt, crash and explode your way across the map, leaving no NPC unannoyed. Toy with the universally recognised four elements (Fire, Electricity, Oil and Alien Goo), test the limits of the world’s physics and interact with suspicious objects for… surprising results.

  • CUSTOMISATION: Players can fully customise their goat’s Head, Back, Feet, Body, Horns and Fur with over 300 different gear parts to choose from – from toilet rolls to tea trays… and other actual clothing items, if you want to be like that. Some gear parts will mutate your playstyle by giving you new abilities, yet all gear will alter your perceived sense of style.

  • POST-LAUNCH CONTENT: Toss that FOMO aside because all previous content updates will come packaged with the game on Steam for all players to enjoy! This includes all post-launch gear, missions, and secrets. Whether you want to deck the halls with a Lights Machine Gun, go on an epic Easter egg hunt, or strut around town in a summery goatkini, we’ve got you covered.

For those who may never have played Goat Simulator 3 before, it’s ridiculous in the best possible way. Explore an open world filled with hilarious nods to other games, films, and more, complete absurd missions, find secrets, and play a host of minigames whether you’re on your own or with friends. It’s well worth jumping on, so go ahead and wishlist Goat Simulator 3 on Steam now.