One Handed Bayonetta Gameplay!

by on August 26, 2009

I wonder what people will be using the other hand for?! Nothing of course! What were you thinking you dirty buggers?! 🙂

The video below was released by Platinum Games (the folks who are developing Bayonetta) and it shows off the “very easy automatic” difficulty setting that will be present in the game. With this setting enabled, it is just a simple case of pressing one button and the game does everything else for you. The developers have stated this setting has been included to increase the appeal of the game and to let the less experienced players out there enjoy Bayonetta without having to input many button presses to initiate moves.

The “hardcore” need not worry though as the game will include the standard normal and hard settings which will acually require you to use both hands. Woah, two handed gaming! Consider my mind well and truly blown. 😉